explode, Do jump starter exploded

Any jump starter can explode, Because the main body of the jump starter is usually composed of lithium batteries or lead storage batteries, both lithium batteries and lead storage batteries may explode under certain conditions.

Let's analyze the reasons why batteries explode:

1. The moisture content is too high

Moisture can react with the electrolyte in the lithium battery cell to produce gas. When charging, it can react with the generated lithium to generate lithium oxide, which causes the capacity of the battery cell to be lost, and the battery is easily overcharged to generate gas and decompose the water. When the voltage is low, it is easy to decompose and generate gas when charging. When this series of generated gas will increase the internal pressure of the battery cell, when the outer shell of the battery cell cannot withstand it, the lithium battery will explode.swollen battery

2. Internal short circuit

Due to the internal short-circuit phenomenon, the large current discharge of the battery cell generates a lot of heat, which burns the diaphragm and causes a greater short-circuit phenomenon. In this way, the battery core will generate high temperature and decompose the electrolyte into gas, resulting in excessive internal pressure. When the shell of the battery cell cannot withstand this pressure, the battery cell will explode.

3. Overcharge

When the battery cell is overcharged, the excessive release of lithium in the positive electrode will change the structure of the positive electrode. If too much lithium is released, it is easy to be unable to be inserted into the negative electrode. It is also easy to cause lithium deposition on the surface of the negative electrode. Moreover, when the voltage reaches 4.5V or more, The electrolyte will decompose to produce a large amount of gas. All of the above may cause an explosion.charge

4. External short circuit

The partial short circuit may be caused by improper operation or misuse. Due to the external short circuit, the battery discharge current is large, which will cause the battery cell to heat up, and the high temperature will shrink the internal diaphragm of the battery cell or completely damage it, causing the internal short circuit of the lithium battery. It exploded.

Qualified batteries can fully guarantee the safety of users.

lokithor JA301 jump starter

The jump starter will not easily explode if customers using the device correctly according to the user manual. If you choose the Lokithor jump starter, Please don't worry, 3-year warranty service is offered for the jump starter. Refund or replacement service will be provided with quality issues.

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