Car Battery Tips You Must Know

Car Battery Tips you must know, automobile battery
Car battery is an important part of the car, about the car battery how much do you know, today we will talk about a few questions about the battery.
  1. What is the life of a car battery?

  The battery life is not only related to the quality, but also to the service state of the battery. If Less driving , only two or three kilometers a day, or put in the garage for a long time, then the battery is always low on charge, the life of the battery is greatly affected. Under normal conditions, the battery life is 3-6 years.

Car batteries, lead-acid batteries

  1. When should the battery be replaced?

When the car starts slowly and the starter is weak, it needs to be replaced. There are batteries with an observation hole, look inside if it is green, indicating that the battery is good, if it turns black, indicating that it should be replaced. The best way is to go to the repair shop with a special battery detector detection, is more accurate.

Electric quantity indicator
  1. Which behaviors are more damage to the battery?

When the car is turned off and continues to use electricity, the battery will have a greater impact. The power of the electrical equipment on the car is relatively large, and the battery’s power will drop rapidly, and it will not even catch fire if it takes a long time.

  1. How long will there be no electricity after listening to music after the car is turned off?

The capacity of the battery is about 55AH, which means that it can be discharged for 55 hours at a current of 1A. An ordinary small audio speaker is about 40W, 160W with four speakers, and the battery voltage is 12V. Then the discharge current is 13.3A, which can be used for 4.1 hours. Of course, this is just a simple calculation based on the rated power, and it will not always be at the rated power during use. The number and power of the speakers are different, the value is also different. It should be noted that after 4.1 hours, there will be no electricity and no fire, so if you want to be able to start a fire, it is best to listen to music for no more than 1 hour after turning off the fire. If the battery is old and the capacity drops, then the time should be shorter.

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  1. How long will the headlights run out of electricity after the car is turned off?

If it is a halogen bulb, it is calculated according to the above method, and it will be out of power after 4.4 hours.

  1. The battery is running out of power, how long will it take to charge it fully?

Charging the battery is a long process. If you want to charge it fully, it is best to remove it and charge it with a battery charger, which takes more than ten hours. If you use a generator to charge the car during normal driving, you don't need to charge it once, because the charging speed is faster in the early stage, and it is very slow in the later stage. It is very difficult to charge, unless the engine is maintained at two or three thousand revolutions for a few hours. Therefore, as long as the fire can be ignited the next day, you can charge it little by little as you use the car every day. Generally, keep the engine at about 1500 rpm and charge for half an hour, and leave it overnight to ignite the next day.

A car battery is charged

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