lokithor lifepo4 battery series jump starters

LiFePO4-Tech Series


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8.0L Gas/6.0L DieselSale
LOKITHOR J2250 Jump Starter with LiFePO4 Safety Battery 2250Amp
9.5L Gas/7.5L DieselSale
LOKITHOR J3250 Jump Starter with LiFePO4 Safety Battery 3250Amp
9.0L Gas/7.0L DieselSale
LOKITHOR JA3000 Jump Starter with LiFePO4-Tech 3000Amp
Angebotab $159.99 Regulärer Preis$189.99
6L Gas/3L DieselAusverkauft
LOKITHOR J1000 Jump Starter with LiFePO4 Safety Battery 1000Amp
7.0L Gas/4.5L DieselAusverkauft
LOKITHOR J1500 Jump Starter with LiFePO4 Safety Battery 1500Amp
8.5L Gas/6.5L DieselAusverkauft
LOKITHOR JA2500 Jump Starter with LiFePO4-Tech 2500Amp
8.5L Gas/6.5L DieselAusverkauft
LOKITHOR J2500 Jump Starter with LiFePO4 Safety Battery 2500Amp

How they work?

Capable of delivering an exceptionally high starting current of 3250 Amp, this most powerful LiFePO4 jump starter is well-suited for use with gasoline engines with a displacement of up to 9.5 liters and diesel engines with a displacement of up to 7.5 liters, providing you with reliable and consistent performance.

This LiFePO4 battery has a long lifespan of over 2000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge or 8000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge, without any reduction in performance, ensuring reliable and consistent operation over an extended period.

Compared to lead-acid batteries and lithium starters, this best portable car LiFePO4 battery jump starter has a significantly longer lifespan, lasting at least 5 times longer than lead-acid batteries and 2 times longer than lithium starters, providing you with a durable and reliable solution for your power needs.

LiFePO4 jump starter features cutting-edge spark-proof technology and reverses polarity protection, ensuring a safe and error-free connection to any 12-volt automotive car battery. Rest assured that our mistake-proof design will provide a secure and hassle-free experience.

Equipped with a PD 60W two-way fast charging feature, this compact LiFePO4 battery jump starter can fully recharge in only 70 minutes or jump-start the dead battery in just 3 minutes, providing you with a quick and efficient solution for your power needs.

LifePO4 battery heavy duty truck jump starter boasts an impressive 24-month standby feature, which provides added convenience and peace of mind, ensuring that your jump starter is always ready to use when you need it.

LiFePO4 battery diesel jump starter incorporates an LED flashlight with three different modes to choose from. These modes include a standard flashlight mode, a strobe light mode, and an SOS rescue light mode. This versatile feature makes our device an essential tool for various situations, providing you with the right lighting mode, whether you're in an emergency situation or just need to illuminate your surroundings.


Power up your ride with the LiFePO4 series jump starters. Reliable, efficient, and built to last.

Peak Amps

3000 Amps

2250 Amps

3250 Amps

Force Start

Fast Charging

PD 60W Two-way

PD 60W Two-way

PD 60W Two-way

Operating temperature

-4℉ to 122℉

-4℉ to 122℉

-4℉ to 122℉

Engine Rating

9.0L Gas / 7.0L Diesel

8.0L Gas / 6.0L Diesel

9.5L Gas / 7.5L Diesel