Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor Products - Lokithor JA301

Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor Products - Lokithor JA301 - Lokithorshop

Whether it is a rookie driver who has just driven for a short time or a seasoned driver on the road, in the process of daily use of the car more or less will encounter the situation of not being able to ignite. Especially in the winter, the car drives up nothing unusual, is the car ignition powerless, sometimes even the car does not ignite the situation, which is likely to be the battery problem.

New cars or prospective new cars because of battery power loss can not be ignited, there are only three reasons: 1, the car is parked for a long time not open; 2, parking forget to turn off the headlights; 3, they have changed the circuit

A little understanding of the car should know that the battery is driven by the engine running the generator for charging. If the car is left for a long time, the battery can not be charged, and it will not ignite after a long time.

If the engine does not work, it can not charge the battery, after parking the headlights, audio, air conditioning, such extremely power-consuming equipment is still on, a night of electricity will be almost depleted. There is also a situation that is easy to be ignored, is "modified", especially the owners of the headlights, to pay extra attention to their car battery. For older cars, the battery life is hard.

The general car battery can also be used for 3-5 years, plus some owners usually have bad car habits, this time may also be shortened. There is no need to think about changing it only when it fails to ignite.

Because of the above situation, Lokithor was born, it can be in your car battery power can not ignite the case for your car ignition start, this Lokithor car emergency start power use is to support the high rate of high current discharge of the high rate of lithium batteries, so can provide strong power to start the car, feel the battery is very powerful, the car is easy to hit the fire!

The product is also relatively easy to use, you only need to follow the instructions to correctly connect the positive and negative poles to the positive and negative poles of the car battery, and traditionally, the end of the red clip is the positive pole, the end of the black clip is the negative pole, is very well-identified, high energy density, large capacity 20000mah, start the car with strong power;

Not only that, but lokithor can also inflate all kinds of tires, cars, motorcycles, basketballs, balloons, our air compressor shell is made of PC material, strong and durable. You can press once to switch to the correct mode. A preset pressure value will be selected, but you can adjust it as needed. The air pump has a maximum high-pressure capacity of up to 150PSI, making it very easy to use.

Car emergency starter power brand Lokithor uses a special high rate lithium core that supports high rate high current discharge, but also can be used for cell phones, headphones, laptops, etc. as a rechargeable battery, LED flashlight function.

Currently, lokithor JA301 has been listed, the price: $ 149.99, super high-cost performance by very many people with cars


Parameters Introduction1、Customized 12V car starter battery.

2、Using special high current discharge high rate lithium core.

3, capacity: 22000mAh; starting current: 1000A; peak current: 2000A.

4、Input: Type-C5V/3A Micro USB 5V/2A.

5, output: Type-C5V/3A USB 5V/2.4A, wireless charging 5W (UP TO10W).

6、Operating temperature.

Discharge temperature: -20℃ to 50℃.

Charging temperature: 10 ℃ to 45 ℃;

Storage temperature: -20 ℃ to 50 ℃;

7, service life: > 1000 cycles; full charge time: 5-6 hours.

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