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The Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302

The Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302 - Lokithorshop

A dead car battery can be an unexpected and unpleasant situation. portable jump starters are lightweight and multifunctional enough to be kept inside of – and charged inside of – almost any modern vehicle. and the best we can do is be ready for the unpleasant surprises we encounter.

Running out of car batteries in the middle of nowhere is a horror scenario no one wants to encounter, but some of the best jump boxes with air compressors can help you solve this issue quickly. Dead batteries and leaky tires can cause expensive service calls. Save your money with the best jump box with air compressors.

The Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302

The Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302

【2500A Jump Starter】Emergency start of 12V engine, up to 8.5-Liter gasoline and 6.5-Liter diesel. Compatible with: Car / SUV / MPV / 4WD / Motorboat / Motorcycle and more.Lokithor JA302 is a portable lithium jump starter for 12-volt batteries in vehicles up to 8.5-liters gasoline and 6.5-liter diesel engines, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, and boats, RVs, vans, SUVs, tractors, and more. Besides, this very low standby power 0.21mAh makes an ultra-long standby time of up to 36 months.

【Max150 PSI Air Pump】Built-in air inflator, support preset tire pressure to inflate and stop automatically, perfect for inflating your car tire, bicycle tires, balls, inflation pool or air mattress, etc. The air pump far exceeds the performance of others on the market, it can inflate up to 10kg tire, and inflate 4-6 normal car tires at one full charge, and with the test in the lab can even go up to 300-400 cycles. Lokithor JA302 also supports preset the pressure to inflate and stop automatically, unit switching (BAR/PSI). Equipped with 3 types of inflation needles, perfect for inflating car tires, lawn tractors, scooters, bicycle tires, air cushions, kayaks, various balls, etc.

Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302, We use high-quality cells that can provide adequate and reliable service to those stuck in a sticky situation. We stand by the performance of our products especially since they have undergone exhaustive tests and performance checks. LOKITHOR is always your reliable backup.

Proudly, this unit has been circulated by more than 100 media outlets, including PR Newswire, AP News, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, Autoblog, Benzinga, Benzinga,, Markets Insider, WFMZ-TV IND, WFMZ-TV IND, KTVN-TV CBS, and so on.

The Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302

How to use the JA302 jump-start function?

1. Connect the jump starter clamps with the EC8 connector to the jump starter;

2. Connect the red (+) clamp to the positive (+) terminal on the vehicle battery and the black (-) clamp to the negative (-) terminal on the vehicle battery, and make sure that the connections are good;

3. Press the "Light" or "Power" button to power on the product. The green light on the screen will light up and flash if there are no issues. At this time, you’ll be able to start your vehicle.

4. If the vehicle starts successfully, the jump starter will automatically disable the power output.

5. In most cases, the vehicle will be able to start immediately after the jump starter has been connected. Some vehicles may need to be connected to the jump starter for 30~120 seconds (the product will charge the car battery at this time) to continue the operation. If the vehicle does not start immediately, Please wait 20-30 seconds before each attempt. Do not attempt more than five times within 15minutes.

6. Please remove the jump-start clamps from the car battery instantly after you finished the starting. Press on the “Power” button for 2 seconds to shut down the jump starter. If there are no operations for 60 seconds, the product will automatically shut down;

The Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302

How to use the JA302 air pump function?

1. The inflatable hose is connected to the output port of the air inflator, and then tighten the nut, and the other end is connected to the car tire;

2. To wake the product (short press the "Light" button or short press the "Switch" button) to enter the air inflator mode;

3. Short press the "BAR/PSI" button to switch the pressure unit of tire pressure: BAR, PSI;

4. To set the target tire pressure value, you must first know the tire pressure requirements of the tire. (For the standard tire pressure value of the tire, you can check the pressure value mark on the tire, or check the manual of the inflated product), set the target tire pressure value by pressing "+ -". After setting, the value will flash for 3 seconds, exit the setting state and enter the real-time monitoring state of tire pressure; (Safety reminder: If the target tire pressure value of the tire is not set, directly turn on the air pump. At this time, the air pump will not automatically charge and stop. It needs to be turned off manually. If the tire pressure is not monitored in real-time, there will be The risk of excessive tire pressure or puncture)

5. Long Press the "PUMP" button for 3 seconds to turn on the air inflator. When the tire pressure reaches the set value, the air inflator will be turned off automatically. To turn off the inflator manually: press the "PUMP" button or the "Switch" button;

6. Remove the inflatable hose. (Safety reminder: During the inflation process, the heat generated by the air inflator will cause a local high temperature. Please leave the product for 10 minutes to dissipate heat before removing the inflation tube to prevent scalds)

The Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302

These are the Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Air pump - lokithor ja302, hope it can bring you help, thank you for reading!

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