LOKITHOR JA301 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Product details: https://www.lokithorshop.com/products/ja301-jump-starter

1. What "JA" of JA301 stand for?

"JA" means the functions of the product combined of "Jump Starter"  and "Air Inflator".

2. Will Using LOKITHOR JA301 Jump Starter Damage the Battery?

Generally, the car jump starter will not affect the battery.

Under normal charging and use:

A. LOKITHOR JA301 jump starter can jump start 8L gasoline and 6L diesel engine cars with 12V battery, but the applicable product range of cars with different displacements will be different, and it can also provide services such as field emergency rescue;

B. LOKITHOR JA301 jump starter using Grepow high-performance lithium polymer battery cell, which is maintenance-free, also built-in BMS board can protect the jump starter and the vehicle starting battery.

3. Can LOKITHOR JA301 be used in a low-temperature environment?

Yes, LOKITHOR JA301 using the Grepow Lithium polymer battery cells, can be prefectly used in -20℃ to +50℃ temperature environments, the performance in low-temperature environment is strong.

4. How to use LOKITHOR JA301 Air Inflator for Car?

5. How to Jump Start a Car with LOKITHOR JA301?

6. How to download LOKITHOR JA301 manual (user guide)?

Download JA301 Manual (PDF)

7. How long do I need to charge LOKITHOR JA301 ?

You may need to take 4-7.5hr Hours to Complete charging the JA301.

8. When LOKITHOR JA301 is pumping (air inflator), will it bounce?

No, the unique internal structure of Lokithor's JA301 allows the product to maintain a low gravity design, and it will not bounce or move around when use air inflator.

9. What situation will I use the air inflator function?

Under normal circumstances, we can use JA301 air inflator function to repair car tires before going out. For outdoor activities, it can be used to inflate basketballs, lifebuoys, air cushions, tents, etc.
There are also some clients who ethusiatic to off-road vehicles. When driving in the dust, they need to deflate a part of their tires, they also can use JA301 to inflate the tires after that period.