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How To Jump Start Your Car When the Car won't Start

How To Jump Start Your Car When the Car won't Start - Lokithorshop

A few days ago, I met a neighbor brother in the neighborhood, found the car next to the brother open hood, holding the power cord in his hand standing on the side of the road, when the brother did not know what to do, just by the passing editor saw, the editor went up to ask the reason, to help the brother check the vehicle, to determine the battery is short of power, will be parked in front of the brother's car, with the power cord connected to the power, and finally helped the brother to start the car was started.

How To  Jump Start Your Car When the Car won't Start

The cause of the big brother's car without electricity, because the night before when the car locked forgot to turn off the lights, so it will lead to battery power loss so that the car can not start, knowing that the battery is dead but do not know what to do, there will be a scene above I saw. There are many reasons why the battery is dead, for example, sometimes when the car is parked with the engine off, the car is still using a lot of electrical equipment, or a long time parking and other reasons will lead to car power loss when the battery once a power loss car is very difficult to start again.

I believe that in our lives many friends have encountered this problem, even the old drivers have happened because the battery is dead and can not start the car, whenever encountered this situation of friends, are generally very helpless to ask for help or call the rescue, not to mention the money spent also delayed a lot of time, if the same as the above brother, the morning this situation a day of good mood is gone.

To avoid such things happening, today I will popularize knowledge, when the car due to power loss caused by the failure to fire, we should how to solve? There is usually battery use and what matters need to pay attention to? Here quickly and I come together to learn it!

How To  Jump Start Your Car When the Car won't Start

1. Use the patch cord to start

In addition to the cart and this is also a common solution, but the premise is that the car needs to be equipped with a hitching wire, such as in their neighborhoods or urban road traffic is still relatively large places, find a car hitching a power that is also quite convenient, connection method: take out the hitching wire, the two cars will be positive and positive (red), negative and negative (black) are connected, it should be noted that the connection is first connected to the positive pole, then connected to the negative pole; after the end of the negative pole first, and then take the positive pole.

2. Traction start

This method and the first principle are the same, but one is from the backside of the push, one is the front side of the pull, of course, this method is also the first to save much effort. First of all, there should be an appropriate length of traction rope, the front and rear of the two cars tied solid, before traction, before and after the car driver should first determine a good contact signal, to coordinate with, and then you can start traction start, start method can refer to the method of cart start, here need to tip is that this method also can not apply to automatic models.

3. Use the car emergency power to start

The above methods can be used in an emergency, but for the trolley start and traction start method can only be in a slight battery loss, if the battery is completely dead at all, in addition to taking the wire, you can also prepare an emergency power supply in the car, the battery is dead when you do not have to wait for the help of other vehicles, their own hands can easily handle, save time and effort is also convenient, and this emergency power put can also Provide a variety of uses, cooking, boiling water, lighting, is one of the essential products for outdoor travel, if conditions allow, I suggest that you can prepare a when you encounter a similar situation will not panic.

The following small talk about the battery in the use of some of the issues that need attention.

Avoid parking the car in the open parking lot for a long time, if the car is not used for a long time, it will slowly discharge itself until it is scrapped. Therefore, the car should be started every certain time to charge the battery, such as twenty days or a month, the battery line should be cut off, or start the vehicle after two weeks to drive a few dozen kilometers to ensure that the battery can be used normally.

And do not use high power appliances directly connected to the battery, now many car appliances, such as car refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, inflatable pumps, etc., instantaneous power, do not use the car battery direct power supply, should first ignite the vehicle, and then connected to the power equipment, so that the battery is very good protection.

How To  Jump Start Your Car When the Car won't Start

From the point of view of use and maintenance, the normal life of the battery are in about 2-3 years, and this period needs your "extra care", maintenance of vehicle battery is the most important is to develop good electricity habits, such as parking after forgetting to turn off the lights, so that a night down your car battery must "lying down", the next day can only find someone to take the electricity, but also can not listen to the radio loudly when the engine is off, charging the cell phone, using the charging pump, etc., so that a long time easy to make the battery power loss, and battery power loss more times, the life of greatly reduced.

The above mentioned several cases of battery damage are very big, although in the short term may not see what the problem, the battery loss of power to find a car "power" can start normally, in the long run, will greatly shorten the life of the battery, therefore, I recommend that the majority of car owners, regularly to the battery to do a check, and run High speed can not only clear the vehicle carbon, but also can make the battery full of electricity, generally run high speed for more than an hour, the car battery can be full, so the battery can maintain the best state.

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