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How to Jump-Start a Car with a Car Jump Starter

How to Jump-Start a Car with a Car Jump Starter - Lokithorshop

For a lot of families, the holiday season means a lot of travel. The only thing that can make these long drives even worse is car troubles. These troubles can, unfortunately, happen in any weather and at any time, and can be hard to predict. If your car has high mileage or you live in cold places, in which case you often cannot start your car, you should consider picking up a portable car jump starter.

Unable to start your car can ruin your day, and it is less likely than ever that a friendly neighbor will come to the rescue with a pair of jumper cables and an open bonnet.

How to Jump-Start a Car with a Car Jump Starter

How to Jump-Start a Car with a car jump starter?

1, Locate the vehicle battery

usually situated in the engine bay under the bonnet, but in some vehicles, it is located in the boot. It’ll probably be hidden under a plastic cover – unclip this and you should see the battery with its two terminals.

2, identify the positive and negative terminals

Take a look at the battery to identify the positive and negative terminals. Each terminal should be marked with a + (plus) sign for positive and a - (minus) sign for negative. It is vital to know which is which, as it’s important to ensure the batteries are connected properly to execute a successful jump-start and avoid a dangerous accident.

How to Jump-Start a Car with a Car Jump Starter

3, Connecting the positive and negative cables to the car battery

Car jump starters have cables that are so short you need to connect both of them directly to the battery. If your car jump starter is like this, it's important to ensure all the accessories, such as the lights and radio, are turned off and that the key isn't in the ignition.

When connecting both positive and negative cables to the battery, connect the positive first, and then carefully connect the negative.

4, Start the car with the car jump starter

Make sure two leads have good, solid connections to their jump points. You don’t want any of them popping off if you bump into the wires or either of the cars. After that’s done, start the car with the car jump starter. Let it run for 15 to 20 minutes. If you’ve done everything right, it should start right up. Instead of a charger that slowly refills your battery, a jump starter administers a shock of electricity to kick-start your car immediately, which can then charge its battery once up and running.

5, Drive to the nearest garage

Once you have a problem with your car that doesn't start, you need to have a thorough inspection of your car.

How to Jump-Start a Car with a Car Jump Starter


When do you need a car jump starter?

The need for a jump starter is felt at a time when your car battery is not performing properly. Either your car is dead for a long time due to which the battery cannot perform properly. So we have to start the car by using a jump starter or jumper cable only.

In some circumstances, it becomes necessary to use a jump starter, but in most cases, it is not used. For most car owners, I would say a jump starter is a kinda insurance or backup that helps you in some unwanted situations. You don’t need it all the time.

What brand of car jump starter is better?

Editors' choice: Lokithor JA301

purchase link:

The Lokithor JA301 is a multi-function car jump starter power pack that delivers 2000A peak amps for starting 12V vehicles (up to 8-Liter gasoline and 6-Liter diesel) in a few seconds. It features a compact design that combines a jump starter with an air compressor, with a Lithium-ion battery inside making JA301 only weigh about 3.9lbs, and is far lighter than lead-acid jump starters, and more environmentally friendly. It's a great emergency tool for Overlanding, adventure, camping, fishing, hunting, and bicycling.

How much does a car jump starter generally cost?

Indeed, changing a car battery is not that expensive, The LOKITHOR JA301, for example, costs about $150, but in some cases, people may forget about regularly changing batteries when it gets busy.

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