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2500a Lithium Jump Starter With Air Compressor - JA302

2500a Lithium Jump Starter With Air Compressor - JA302 - Lokithorshop

Vehicle breakdowns happen. Whether it's because someone left a light on or a random object punctured a tire, these accidents are all part of owning a vehicle. But asking for roadside assistance or a tow truck to come to your rescue can be expensive. A service call can cost more than $150, and that's without getting the vehicle repaired. Plus, who knows how long it will take for a repair truck to get to you.

With the Jump starter Lokithor JA302, you can save yourself a day. These devices bring enough voltage and current to the vehicle to bring a dead car battery back to life. They can also fill low tires or pump up a leaking tire until you can take it to a service station for repairs.

2500A lithium jump starter with air compressor -JA302

If your car won’t start, the car battery isn’t the only suspect. The car battery provides the charge that starts the engine and powers accessories such as lights and wipers. The starter can fail due to electrical or mechanical problems, making your car difficult or impossible to start.

A reliable portable car battery jump starter is critical for inclement weather, vehicles with old batteries, and unexpected situations that may require a quick start.

Start your dead batteries- car jump starter JA302

Safely jump-start a dead car battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful, 2500-amp portable lithium car battery jump starter pack - up to 50 jump starts on a single charge - and rated for gasoline engines up to 8.5 liters and diesel engines up to 6.5 liters. Lokithor JA302 is a portable lithium jump starter for 12-volt batteries in vehicles up to 8.5-liters gasoline and 6.5-liter diesel engines, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, and boats, RVs, vans, SUVs, tractors, and more.

Inflating your car tires - air compressor

Max150 PSI Air Pump, The air pump far exceeds the performance of others on the market, it can inflate up to 10kg tire, and inflate 4-6 normal car tires at one full charge and with the test in the lab can even go up to 300-400 cycles. Lokithor JA302 also supports preset the pressure to inflate and stop automatically, unit switching (BAR/PSI). Equipped with 3 types of inflation needles, perfect for inflating car tires, lawn tractors, scooters, bicycle tires, air cushions, kayaks, various balls, etc.

2500a Lithium Jump Starter With Air Compressor - JA302

300 Lumens LED - LED flashlight

Lokithor JA302 LED flashlight with a powerful ultra-wide-angle and 300 Lumens to combat the darkest of nights. 1, Long press the "Light" button for one second, the LED lights up; ②Short press the "Light" button to switch the modes of ON, Strobe, SOS, and OFF; ③Long press the "Light" button for two seconds to turn off the LED Light forcefully.

voltmeter function - Test voltage function

voltmeter function Connect the jump starter clamps to the EC8 connector on the Jump-Starter; Connect the red (+) clamp to the positive (+) terminal on the vehicle battery and the black (-) clamp to the negative (-) terminal on the vehicle battery, and make sure that the connections are good; the display only displays the voltage value of the car battery, to determine whether the battery is damaged;

Anti-vibration - Robust and durable

Lokithor uses vibration dampening technology and has the latest BMS power management system and protection technology built into the entire system, making it more durable and stable in operation and virtually maintenance-free in use. Besides, this very low standby power 0.21mAh makes an ultra-long standby times up to 36 months.

It is a must-have for every car owner and outdoor person. If your car breaks down on the road or at home, it can help you start your car easily. If you have a flat tire while driving on the highway, it can help you fill the tire with air. If you need lighting at night, it can help you as a flashlight.

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