Lokithor JA301 Jump Starter

Lokithor JA301 Jump Starter


Can jump start a 12-volt engine up to 8 liters of gasoline, 6 liters of diesel up to 40 times on a single charge! With 74Wh, 2000A peak current, the JA301 is a reliable product to carry for emergencies.

Compatible with cars | SUVs | MPV 4WD | motorboats | motorcycles and more.


Doubles as an air-inflator: select between 10 PSI to 150 PSI within 1 PSI of accuracy. It’s as easy as selecting your preference, hitting start, and waiting for the inflator to stop automatically once done.

Inflate your car and bicycle tires, balls, inflatable pools, air mattresses and more.

Our Design

The “J” in “JA” stands for Jump Starter while the “A” stands for Air Inflator. Created by our designer, P.L., the strong industrial design combines sleek elements that are meant to draw upon the image of a car. Envision the LED lights as the headlights and the console as the dashboard, and you’re ready to take the JA301 with you on your adventures.

Our Advantages

The air pump far exceeds the performance of others on the market: its durability and high-temperature performance make the JA301 as convenient and reliable as can be. After substantial tests in the lab, the inflator can even go up to 300-400 cycles.



Lokithor self-developed Battery Management System

The BMS (Battery Management System)
reassures that there are mechanism in place to allow for safe usability.

The JA301 adopts Grepow’s many years of experience in battery research and technology. There truly is no better, dependable battery to take with you on-the-go for car emergencies, camping trips, etc. Plus, weighing at just 3.9lbs, the JA301 is far lighter and more convenient than lead-acid jump starters.





This may be considered more than a portable charger, and it is; however, these types of portable devices are great to own in case you have an emergency with your car not starting, you’re low on tire air pressure, or your phone needs charging. A regular power bank won’t be able to do what this LokiThor JA301 portable jump starter can do, and that’s what matters most.

Charger Harbour

At this point, portable jump starters fall into that category that we consider “no-brainers” for anyone that spends any time at all in an automobile. They’re light, effective, and inexpensive enough that it just makes sense to have one in your vehicle in case of emergency. We’ve never seen one couple the ability to jump-start a drained battery with the ability to inflate a tire. However, the LokiThor Jump Starter and Tire Inflator (JA301) seems to do it. That makes for a roadside emergency solution that you need to at least take a look at.

OPE Reviews

Nice Performance from an All in One Unit - The jump start function works great. It has safety features built-in to prevent reverse polarity damage. The battery charge indicator and ready to jump start indicators provide good real time feedback on the status.

Earth Spirits

All in one Jumpstart and Airpump - Recommend to anyone looking for an all in one kinda tool. We found it to be very useful.


Very compact but very nice - The light on this is incredibly bright as well. Still, this is very handy for such a small footprint in your trunk. Definitely seems worth the investment if you need one.

Brian Reaves