Who is Lokithor?

Established in 2020 out of a dedication to improving sustainable mobility, Lokithor designs, manufactures ,and sells jump starters and related products. We offer a full range of innovative products and solutions that make mobility not only more convenient but also more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

We aim to provide easy and trouble-free solutions for automotive emergencies, as well as strive to deliver inventive products and improve the driving experience.

It is additionally our mission to improve the daily life of all car owners. In order to achieve this, we listen to our customers’ feedback and needs.  We consider it especially vital to understand our customers’ issues for current, existing products so that we improve our product development.

Why Lokithor?

At Lokithor, quality isn’t just a business—it’s a way of life.  Even after the final sale, we are committed to supplying quality service. We continually seek to improve every element of our business from the products themselves to the marketing and distribution.

As technology advances, we will carry on with producing state-of-the-art designs and technologies. Our design and engineering efforts go into ensuring each product looks and feels as premium as possible. That means using the best materials and exhaustively testing our products until we are confident in their release to the market.

Moreover, our customer-service team is at your fingertips through a simple call, fax, or chat online. Our expertly trained staff have years of hands-on experience in the industry and are thus readily available to quickly answer any needs or questions.  We are here to support you with whatever you need.

Good Performance

Beautiful designs don’t mean much if the product doesn’t work when you need it. At Lokithor, we are proud to state that every product we produce is fully tested from the factory before it ships out.  We are determined to design and produce products with reliability, longevity, high safety ratings, and great performance.

We stand by the performance of our products, but in case something occurs, our one-year warranty has you covered.

Contact information

Lokithorshop is the official online store of lokithor, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us via email at info@lokithorshop.com

Any feedback is highly appreciated and will allow you to become a part of our decisions and processes for the manufacturing of our products. We will utilize constructive feedback for future product development.

Your feedback is highly appreciated, and we will utilize any feedback for future product development.


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