【New Product Release】-40℉ Cold Cranking Jump Starter - Lokithor J401X

Lokithor J401X -40℃ Cold Cranking Jump Starter New Product Released

Lokithor has released the latest Cold Cranking Jump Starter product "J401X". This product adpopt SELF-HEATING Technology, in the cold environment of -40°F, you can still start your car, and you can still ensure that your travel is unobstructed in the cold winter.


Lithium batteries are theoretically NOT suitable for use in low temperature environments, and the battery capacity will drop sharply. Forcible use will also damage the battery and affect the battery life.

Lokithor J401X Cold Cranking

However, compare with the traditional jump starter products, the J401X lithium battery cells is using the GREPOW Low-Temperature battery technology, to start the self-heating function in cold environment, then start the car normally, which maximizes the cranking performance and causes little damage to the battery, ensuring longevity and safety.

-40℉ Ultra-Low Temperature Start Tech:

J401X developed Pre-Heating Tech based on BMS management system,Start your car with ease, even in extreme cold.Rugged build enclosure rated IP65 water-resistant and 94V0 flame retardant (Rain-resistant & dust-tight, and drop resistant).

J401X is Now Avaliable in Lokithor Shop!



LOKITHOR J401X Jump Starter 2500 Amp 20000mAh 12V Battery Booster

LOKITHOR J401X Jump Starter 2500 Amp 20000mAh 12V Battery Booster

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