LOKITHOR ApartX Detachable Jump Starter New Arrival

LOKITHOR ApartX Detachable Jump Starter New Arrival

Introducing the latest addition to the LOKITHOR product lineup - the groundbreaking LOKITHOR ApartX Jump Starter with Detachable Battery. This cutting-edge innovation takes jump-starting technology to new heights, offering a detachable battery feature that sets it apart from car jump starters in the market. Experience unparalleled convenience as you effortlessly remove and replace the battery. Whether it's jump-starting your vehicle or charging your devices on the go, the LOKITHOR ApartX detachable battery jump starter provides ultimate flexibility and reliability. Stay ahead of the curve with this remarkable new arrival, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern automotive enthusiasts.

LOKITHOR ApartX Detachable Battery Jump Starter

The ApartX detachable jump starter is the world's first reusable multi-functional emergency starting device, allowing users to replace the battery without having to purchase an entirely new device. The cost of battery replacement is up to 70% lower than the original purchase price, resulting in significant savings. This not only saves energy and reduces electronic waste and emissions but also minimizes environmental impact. The long-term operation of ApartX provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

The ApartX detachable jump starter utilizes replaceable box-type batteries to provide an additional backup power source. By swapping out depleted batteries with freshly charged ones, the plug-in batteries extend the service life of the ApartX jump starter, maximizing efficiency.

LOKITHOR ApartX Detachable Battery Jump Starter

By utilizing cartridge-style batteries as a detachable battery system, the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction is achieved. This approach extends the usage range of the main device and aligns with the strategy of sustainable development. The durability of ApartX detachable jump starter is often longer than the lifespan of individual battery packs. The use of replaceable box-type batteries maximizes the utilization efficiency of the main unit.

LIPO battery is the default battery of the ApartX detachable jump starter, you can also choose LIFE and LIPOX when you need to change a battery for your ApartX detachable jump starter. LIPO has a 1500A peak current, which is suitable for 7.0L gasoline engines and 4.0L diesel engines. LIFE has a 2500A peak current, which is recommended for 8.5L gasoline engines and 6.5L diesel engines. LIPOX has a 4000A peak current, which is designed for 10.0L gasoline engines and 8.0L diesel engines.

LOKITHOR ApartX Detachable Battery Jump Starter

Equipped with a turbocharged core exceeding 200 watts, the ApartX smart inflator delivers stronger and more stable power while reducing noise. This device provides a pressure of 150 PSI and an airflow of 40 liters per minute, ensuring quick and efficient inflation. Additionally, it offers features such as tire pressure detection, preset inflation stop value, and unit switching (BAR, PSI, KAR). Experience the ApartX smart inflator's remarkable performance, enhanced convenience, and versatility for accurate and effortless inflation tasks.

The ApartX detachable battery jump starter features a customer-friendly 3.75-inch display screen, providing a clear and easily readable real-time product status. The large and crisp display enhances convenience, making operations simple and effortless. Experience the ease of use and intuitive interface offered by ApartX detachable battery jump starter's spacious and user-friendly display, ensuring an excellent user experience for customers.

LOKITHOR ApartX Detachable Battery Jump Starter

In conclusion, the ApartX detachable battery jump starter is a revolutionary and versatile device that offers exceptional features and functionalities. With its integrated battery protection, intelligent clamp design, and mistake-proof and reverse-polarity protection, it ensures a safe jump-starting experience. The ApartX jump starter's detachable battery system further enhances its energy-saving and eco-friendly capabilities, allowing for cost-effective battery replacements and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, the ApartX Jump Starter's powerful LED flashlight with SOS, blink, and strobe modes provide reliable illumination in various situations. The ApartX detachable battery jump starter truly stands out as a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for your emergency power needs.

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