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Exhibition News | Lots of exhibition viewers at the SEMA Show!

This exhibition has ended perfectly. There are many exhibitors at the exhibition site. Everyone is full of expectations, and it seems like everyone for this new product display feels not bad! Now let's take a look at the fresh-baked products at the exhibition!
A large number of recreational vehicles are particularly attractive in appearance. Let's enjoy the new-born modified cars!

Modified Cars

modified car

jeep engine

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These cars are not only new in outside but also have undoubtedly high requirements for internal parts. Lokithor’s jump starter has received favor from many professional exhibitors, including the followings:
1. JA300, JA301 & JA302 are two-in-one products of different specifications.
2. Never shown to you, you can only see the real new products AW401 and V501 in the venue, now you can know more about them here!
The AW401 is an upgrade of the JA301 product, which not only inherits all the original functions, but also adds the function of the water gun, and also strengthens the pump strength and endurance of the gas pump.
V501 is a product combined with five functions: emergency start power supply, gas pump, LED lamp, energy storage, and vacuum cleaner. Besides, it reduces both the ultimate volume and the use of the car space as far as possible.
Finally, if you want to know more new product information, please follow our official website:


Should You Jump Start A Car In The Rain? - Lokithorshop

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