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Everyone is familiar with the mobile phone charging bank. Its appearance has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. What is the car charging bank? In fact, the correct statement should be called "car emergency jump starter", which can be used to help start the car's mobile power when the car battery loses electricity or is damaged and cannot hit the car.

Friends who often drive should have encountered the situation where they can’t hit the car because the battery is out of power. At this time, everyone can think of the use of electricity, call rescue or carts, etc. These methods can solve the problem. But it is very time-consuming and laborious, and also asks for help. but a convenient alternative has arrived: The mini jump starter. These micro-sized battery packs are small enough to fit in your glove box and powerful enough to jolt your car back to life.

Recently, lokithor car emergency starting power supply is on the market. We will evaluate its function and appearance to see if this type of emergency starting power supply can meet the working requirements.

1. JA301 Lithium Jump Starter vs Others

In the same laboratory environment, the Lokithor Jump Starter battery is compared with other high-end product battery packs for large current discharge data. The starting current of Lokithor Jump Starter is 1000A, while another battery pack is 800A.

starting current of Lokithor Jump Starter is 1000A

Starting current of Lokithor Jump Starter is 1000A

starting current of other Jump Starter is 800A

 Starting current of other Jump Starter is 800A

2. Real vehicle test

Since it is used as a starting power source for a car, then we will immediately enter the topic and test the car directly to see if the car can start normally.

The model evaluated is the Lokithor model JA301 Lithium Jump Starter with Air inflator. Technical parameters, the battery capacity is 20000mAh, which is almost the same as some large-capacity mobile phone power banks, but its starting output current can reach up to 2000A, which is suitable for 12V vehicles up to 8-Liter gasoline and 6-Liter diesel. It is beyond the reach of ordinary mobile phone power banks (the USB output of ordinary power banks is 1A~2A). It also has a built-in 150PSI inflator, it is perfect for inflating car tires, bicycle tires, balls, and more. Support preset the pressure to inflate and stop automatically.

Lokithor JA301 jump starter real vehicle test
The experiment for us this time is Lexus-GS-2012 350 F SPORT (engine 3.5L), because we did not completely discharge the car battery, so we used the method of directly powering off (remove the battery positive and negative) to simulate the complete car If there is no electricity, of course, some high-end cars will directly cut off the electricity, which will cause the trip computer data to be cleared, so be careful.
JA301 Lithium Jump Starter using process

Then we plug in the clip. At this time, we can see that there are red and green lights flashing alternately on the smart clip, indicating that it can work normally.

Then connect the positive red clip to the positive wire on the car, and the black clip to the negative wire. At this time, you can see the indicator light turns green, indicating that the power supply is ready to start. Then comes the exciting moment. Can this thing make the car start?

We tried to start a fire, and the result was very smooth, and we got into the car in one fell swoop. In order to eliminate the occasional factor, we decided to turn off the flame and try again several times, so we just turned off the flame and then started to fire. We found that the car didn't respond. Could it be that this thing would run out of electricity once it was fired? Actually not, this is a protection design of this product to prevent reverse charging. Every time the car is driven, the smart clip will automatically cut off the power, and the voltage can neither be output nor input, so that it can prevent the generator from directly charging the emergency starting power supply and causing damage after the car is driven. When we unplug the clip and plug it in again, the emergency start power supply can work normally again. After three attempts, the car starts easily. After three attempts, the power display still shows more than 90%. This is still It's quite surprising.

Starting current data of JA301 jump starter

Peak current: 960 A;
400 A: more than 100 ms;
200~400 A: 400 ms;
Total startup time: 650 ms.

Generally, the total Starting time of an automobile engine is 500~2000ms. The Starting time is within 100~200ms, and the Peak Current is required to be high, and the Starting Current is relatively low.

The following figure shows the Starting Current data of Lokithor car jump starter applied to the car "Lexus-GS-2012 350 F SPORT" (the highest Peak Current: 960A, Starting Current: 200~600A), this data shows a good demonstration of Lokithor car jump starter's strong startup performance;

(Lokithor car jump starter has a peak current of 2000A and a start current of 1000A under laboratory conditions.)

Starting current data of JA301 jump starter

Starting current data of JA301 jump starter

In addition to starting the car normally, the emergency starting power supply is more concerned about its safety. The most worrying thing is what will happen if the positive and negative poles are reversed? You know if you can't do it, this is because of sparks and lightning.

So we told the master who helped us to test, can we test the reverse connection of the positive and negative poles? The master was stunned when he heard our request like this. He must be thinking: "What hate or resentment do I have with you? Are you going to treat me like this? I'm just a teenager!"

We repeatedly emphasized this product. There is an anti-reverse connection function, so don't worry. In the end, the master dubiously accepted our request and prepared to reverse the emergency power supply. He held two clips facing the positive and negative poles of the battery, and tremblingly asked us: "Are you sure that it is safe?" We said: "Absolutely safe! Go, we are your strongest backing!"

Facts have proved that our worries are superfluous. After the positive and negative poles are reversely connected, the smart clip will light up the red warning light and be accompanied by a buzzer alarm. We tested it for a while and found that neither the clip nor the emergency power supply itself heated up or expanded. It can still work, which shows that its security is still doing well. Of course, the anti-reverse connection is only an insurance function, no one will deliberately reverse the connection (except we really want to test), otherwise it will affect the life of the product.

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