How to Choose a Jump Starter?

How to Choose a Jump Starter?

Battery jump starters are nothing new. but until now, there are many brands of jump starter on the market. and there are many differences in specifications and types. If you choose a good jump starter, please see our buying guide.

The battery of jump starter

Jump starter batteries in the market are generally divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. The energy density of lithium batteries is 200-260wh/g, and lead-acid batteries are 50-70wh/g, which means that with the same capacity, lead-acid batteries are lithium The battery is 3~5 times, so in the lighter weight of the lithium ion car battery jump starter, the lithium battery has an absolute advantage. The cycle times of lithium batteries are more than 2000 times, and the cycle times of lead-acid batteries are usually only about 300 to 350 times, so the service life of lithium batteries is about 3-6 times that of lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries, about three times more expensive. So the choice of jump starter for lithium battery is better.

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The first is the temperature range of the powerful car jump starter. The car jumper starter portable will affect the use effect at high or low temperature. You need to choose a suitable powerful jump starter according to your car driving area. Secondly, the peak current of the 12v car jump starter, the peak current determines the type of car that can be started. For example,the LOKITHOR JA301 portable compact jump starter has supper starting current 2000A, Suitable for gasoline engines under 8 liters and diesel engines under 6 liters.

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The lithium-ion jump starter is an emergency tool and is not used frequently, but the truck jump starter pack will be left unused for a long time, which will cause the battery cell to lose power, cause irreversible damage to the battery, and seriously affect the service life. Adding other functions to the most powerful car jump starter can increase the frequency of use, such as emergency lighting, mobile phone charging, air pump pumping, etc., or maintaining regular charging and discharging can also protect the battery.

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