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Emergency Car Kit for Teenager

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As the old saying goes, "save for a rainy day", now extreme weather phenomena are occurring around the world, accompanied by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, if possible, it is better to prepare an emergency kit at home in a convenient place to get it, just in case. It is best for those who have a car to prepare an emergency rescue kit in the car. Not only can you save yourself when you encounter a disaster, but when a traffic accident occurs, if there is an emergency rescue kit in the car, it can also play a significant role. Here, quickly and lokithor.com to learn about it! emergency car kit for a teenager?

emergency car kit for teenager

 what are the things in the car emergency rescue kit for teenagers?

What are the things in the car emergency rescue kit? An emergency kit should be placed in which position

What are the things in the car emergency rescue kit for teenagers?

The emergency kit in your car should include the following items: connecting cords; flashlight and additional batteries; first aid kit and necessary medications (anti-inflammatory, cold and flu medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, disinfectant); food with protein, canned fruit, and a portable can opener; water for each person and pet; ability to listen to traffic sound machine reports and emergency information; sand or kitty litter to enhance tire grip; shovel; ice shovel; warm clothes, gloves, hat, durable boots, jacket, and changeable clothing; blanket or sleeping bag.

In addition, you may consider having in the car: a fully charged cell phone and charger; signal light reflection; and if you have children, children's formula and diapers.

emergency car kit for teenager Lokithor JA300
where the car emergency kit for teenagers should be placed in which position?

What's in a car emergency kit? Where should the emergency kit be placed

The emergency kit should be placed in a conspicuous and easily accessible place. It is recommended to store it at home in a fixed location that is usually the most active, known to the whole family, and easily accessible in case of emergency; such as the bedside area of the bedroom. All the supplies in the emergency kit are put together so that in case of emergency, we can get the emergency kit in time and evacuate in the shortest possible time.

The average emergency kit is 1-15 kg. The emergency kit at home should have food, meals, and other supplies available for at least 72 hours; the emergency kit at the office should have food, meals, and other supplies available for at least 24 hours.

emergency car kit
 what is inside the car emergency kit for teenagers? 

1, disaster prevention and rescue: alarm, 10 meters reflective escape rope, small fire extinguisher, emergency hammer, waterproof high-intensity warning light, windproof lighter (matches), nylon raincoat, distress whistle, semiconductor radio, and other tools.

2, disaster lighting: manual power generation emergency lights, 3-4 hours of special candles, windproof waterproof double-headed matches, portable multifunctional emergency flashlights.

3, disaster protection: helmets, filtered dust masks, non-slip gloves, disaster emergency raincoats, special compressed towel gloves for earthquakes.

4, disaster prevention life class: insulation emergency blanket, insulation tent, ultra-thin insulation sleeping bag, multi-function folding shovel medium, 15L folding bucket, multi-function tool ax, multi-function pliers, fire blanket, smoke escape mask.

5, disaster prevention and first aid items: empty first aid kit, band-aids, gauze bandages, cotton balls, metal tweezers, scissors, non-woven tape, alcohol disinfection tablets, iodine volts, cotton swabs. First-aid drugs, in addition to basic disinfection, burn drugs, anti-diarrhea, and antipyretic drugs, the public can also be equipped with a medicine box according to the needs of family members.

6, disaster prevention food: common are compressed cookies, chocolate, pure water, canned food, instant porridge, various sealed vegetables, and fruits. This food is high in energy and nutrition to ensure the maintenance of physical health after a disaster.

 Lokithor emergency car kit for teenager JA300
7. car emergency start ignition to ensure that in the car due to battery power loss and can not start.

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