What Should I Do if My Car Won't Start in the Cold?

What Should I Do if My Car Won't Start in the Cold? - Lokithorshop

The cold winter season has officially arrived, and a nightmare has arrived for car owners of a longer age. The older the car, the less battery power storage, the more difficult it becomes to start in winter, and sometimes the vehicle will not start properly. Battery power is very easy to lack, long time placed, because there is no vehicle running a generator to the battery charging process, it is easy to cause the inability to start the vehicle, therefore, it is best to start the vehicle every few days to run a high-speed, only in situ idle speed with the car charging effect is not good. More trouble, available LOKITHOR jump starter to solve the problem.

What should I do if my car won't start in cold
1. What is the reason why the car can't start in the cold?

Nowadays, the batteries commonly used in vehicles are lead-acid batteries, and their service life is generally 2~3 years. The battery's life is gradually shrinking under the condition of long-time high-frequency charging and discharging, and if the storage capacity shrinks to a certain degree, it cannot provide enough energy for the engine's starter, and the cold starting difficulty will occur in winter.

So, why is it difficult to start the car cold in winter? Why is there no problem in summer? For the battery, the electrolyte inside the battery changes through the chemical reaction, and the potential difference between the positive and negative electrodes to produce current, but in the low-temperature environment, the electrolyte moves quite slowly, which affects the electron transfer activity between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, resulting in a decrease in battery charging and discharging performance.

In combination, the viscous resistance between various parts of the engine increases in low temperature and the energy consumed by the electric motor to start the vehicle also increases, both of which can lead to difficulties in starting the vehicle.

car won't start in cold

2. How to solve the problem that the car can't start in the cold?

Prepare a starting power backup: such as LOKITHOR jump starter JA401
Since the vehicle can not start in winter is due to the battery, car owners can prepare a vehicle starter power supply in advance, similar to the cell phone charging the battery, the vehicle in winter if the situation can not start, the starter power "+" "-" and the vehicle Battery "+" "-" connection, the vehicle will rely on the power of the starting power to start the vehicle. Now the vehicle's starter power is developed very smartly, not only can start the vehicle, but also lighting, charging cell phones and so on.

In the winter low temperature, the vehicle can not start normally, the above solution is only a temporary emergency solution, if the fundamental solution, or to replace the vehicle's battery

my car won't start in cold

3. How to maintain the car in cold weather?

The car is not used for a long time in winter and belongs to a semi-sealed car. Should pay attention to the following points, check the internal combustion engine oil belt and coolant, no dripping and no leakage. Whether the various belts of the internal combustion engine are good and not too tight, especially the use state of the water pump must be clear. Check the tire pressure, battery voltage is sufficient in about 20 days can be considered to start the vehicle once, idle for ten minutes, or drive out to run a road can be. If the ambient temperature is always around -20-30℃, vehicles stored in the open air can be considered to be started once a week or so.

Remove the battery and store it indoors at room temperature and "recharge" it regularly. To protect the car paint, it is best to buy a set of car coats to cover the car. Long periods without a car will result in the upper part of the engine not being covered by the oil of the mechanical parts. This leads to oxidation and corrosion and rust. In addition, if you do not drive for a long time, you must move the tires back and forth. Otherwise, if the tires are always pressed in one direction. Will lead to tire deformation.

Your oil, tank coolant, transmission fluid, steering power oil, brake fluid, and even front and rear differential fluid should meet the winter low-temperature use standards. Otherwise, parked outside for a long time, even if the engine turns on, can not drive a few turns, generally about a month to start the car once, one is the engine does not run for a long time cylinder body will produce rust, and battery more than a certain time will consume electricity to be charged, a long time not charged on the battery damage or cause the battery does not store electricity.

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