4 Common Reasons Why Won't My Car Start - Lokithorshop

4 Common Reasons Your Car Won't Start

What's the Reason Why Won't My Car Start?There are many reasons why a car won't start, such as a dead battery, a failed spark plug ignition, faulty startup circuits, the use of bad oil, etc

OperationTipsWhat Symptoms Will Show When Loosing Battery Cables? - Lokithorshop

What Are the Symptoms of a Battery Cable Coming Loose?

The car bumps and repairs in the inadvertent collision will make the car battery cable loose, it is easy to lead to the car it cannot start normally, symptoms of bad batteries are no different from...

OperationTips7 Simple Spring Car Care Tips - Lokithor - Lokithorshop

7 Simple Spring Car Care Tips - Lokithor

Lokithor warmly reminds you: with the growth of use time, the performance of the vehicle will slowly decay, only within the specified time to do a good job of car maintenance, so that the performan...

OperationTipsWhat Should I Do if My Car Won't Start in the Cold? - Lokithorshop

What Should I Do if My Car Won't Start in the Cold?

How to solve the problem that the car can't start in the cold? Prepare a starting power backup: such as lokithor jump starter JA 300.Since the vehicle can not start in winter is due to the battery,...