4 Common Reasons Your Car Won't Start

4 Common Reasons Why Won't My Car Start - Lokithorshop

What's the Reason Why Won't My Car Start?There are many reasons why a car won't start, such as a dead battery, a failed spark plug ignition, faulty startup circuits, the use of bad oil, etc. All of these contribute to the phenomenon. You are advised to rectify the fault in time.

Why Won't My Car Start?

1. The battery is dead.

Because the voltage at startup is below the computer's minimum voltage, the engine computer does not work and cannot start. In this case, the battery should be charged or replaced. The battery’s usually the main culprit behind issues with starting your car.

4 Common Reasons Why Won't My Car Start

Battery problems are particularly likely to happen in cold weather when the battery gets cold and struggles to hold its charge.

2. Spark plug fails to ignite

The spark plug itself is easy to damage, high voltage line short circuit, etc., resulting in the spark plug can not ignite, and the other is the poor quality of the spark plug, which also leads to the normal start. In this case, it is recommended to replace the spark plug.

Reasons Why Won't My Car Start

It could be a flooded engine if you hear a very fast cranking sound when you turn the key (usually a 'whirring' sound). You might also notice a strong smell of petrol or the car may start briefly and cut out again.

3. The startup circuit is faulty

There was only a slight "click" sound when starting, no response, which was caused by starting the relay hairpin. At this time just press down the tail of the electromagnet, forcing the electromagnet to move forward, can be connected to the start circuit, and start the engine.

Reasons Why Won't My Car Start

4. Use bad oil

When the cold car starts, due to cylinder pressure, speed, temperature, and other reasons, inferior oil is difficult to ignite, and can not start. It is recommended to use the oil recommended by the original manufacturer, or the quality is better than the full synthetic oil.

Reasons Why Won't My Car Start

What to Do If Your Car Won't Start?

Calling a roadside assistance service is a good first step as they could possibly fix your vehicle without having to tow it to a mechanic.

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