Supercar in Fast Furious 9 "Toyota Supra"

Supercar in Fast Furious 9 "Toyota Supra" - Lokithorshop

In the first official trailer of "Fast and Furious 9", the most impressive thing is the return of former family member Han. And returning with him, there is also his car in the film-Toyota Supra, let's learn about this car today.

"Fast and Furious 9" Han return with Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra car series was born in 1978 and has developed five generations of models, not only the Toyota brand has the highest positioning,The performance is also very good. In the 1990s, it was hailed as one of the four major sports cars in Japan. It was as famous as Nissan GT-R, Honda NSX and Mazda rotary engine sports car RX-7. Until 2002, Toyota's sports car business was declining, and the fourth-generation model was discontinued in August 2002. . Now the fifth-generation supra has appeared again after a lapse of 18 years, and it has returned to countless people who loved it. 

The interior looks exactly like a BMW. If you don’t look at the car logo, most people might think of this BMW. Indeed, Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 are models of the same platform. These two models are produced on similar production lines and use BMW's b58 engine.

TOYOTA supra Interior

Although the interior will have a BMW feel, it is different if you look closely. The air-conditioning outlets running through the central control incorporate Toyota design elements, and some similarities can be found in Toyota Asia Dragon. With the addition of carbon fiber plaques, the sporty atmosphere is enhanced, and the central control layout is easy for people to adapt.

Assemble JBL audio

JBL audio in TOYOTA supra

The design of the double five-spoke wheel hub is not exaggerated. The two-color collocation is a qualitative improvement in details, and the red calipers emphasize the sense of movement of the vehicle.

TOYOTA supra wheel

The lines from the front and the sides of the car finally converge very smoothly to the rear, which is slightly cramped as a whole. But this design makes the car look very flexible, the duck tail is raised, and the streamline is more natural and handsome. The shape of the car is very in line with modern trends,It is very suitable to balance the sense of movement and sophistication, while adding new elements to give a refreshing taste. 

TOYOTA supra back

The 8AT gearbox, fast and accurate shifting makes the driving of the vehicle very delicate. It is fun to drive, and the handling is remarkable, inheriting BMW’s excellent handling. In order to optimize road handling performance, its center of gravity is even lower than that of the 86, and the weight is evenly distributed between the two axles. Data from the test center confirms this: the total weight of the front axle is 51.3%, and the remaining 48.7% of the weight is concentrated on the rear axle. The front and rear independent suspensions are stiffer and less comfortable, but as a sports car, the chassis has tough shock absorption and a clear road feel, which makes it easier to drive.


So do you like this Toyota Supra?

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