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Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor Lokithor JA300

Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor Lokithor JA300 - Lokithorshop

Driving trip driving to halfway car stalled, and there is no passing car can take the line to charge? What to do when the car battery is dead? Originally happy to drive out today, why should this happen, the car battery is surprisingly dead, perhaps many car owners will encounter this situation, this time to ask a friend's car to help, the following lokithor to friends car hitch as an example to introduce the steps of battery charging.

Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor Lokithor JA300

The first step, when the car battery is dead, do not hard to start the car, you should find a nearby friend to help, as long as the other party drive over, and the car battery power is sufficient, and then bring the battery clip can be.

The second step, when receiving electricity, to the front of the two cars close, the key is to find the other car battery positive and negative poles, but do not press the reverse. Do not touch the metal part of the battery clip when connecting the battery, in order to prevent electric shock, should hold the insulated head.

The third step, connect the power line, the other party's vehicle does not turn off, then try to start your vehicle, if it is still bad to fire, then let the other party's car plus gas pedal, and then increase the battery power to try, still can not indicate that the other party's vehicle battery power is also insufficient.

Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor Lokithor JA300

The fourth step, if no friends can help, they are not sure do not move or ask the 4S store to rescue more secure or ask the nearby repair shop to take the battery to add electricity. The fifth step, when the vehicle is launched successfully, do not rush to go, you should add gas, let the vehicle idle for a while so that the battery accumulates more electricity, and then go. Try to run for a longer period of time so that the battery is fully charged is best.

When you go on a trip, remember to go to the 4S store first to check the status of the vehicle, not only to check the state of the battery, but also to see if there are any problems with the tires, so that you can travel more at ease, but also more at ease. Usually pay more attention when using the car, after the vehicle is turned off to develop good habits, the car connected to the electrical appliances is disconnected from the power supply, to reduce the loss of battery.

It is not recommended to listen to songs in the car for a long time when parking, and check whether all the lights are turned off when leaving the car, especially in a very bright environment, sometimes forget to turn off the lights and do not find. Pay special attention to whether there is a timely closure of the high beam, for long-distance driving, sometimes also forget.

Now there are a lot of high-performance lightweight portable car emergency starter power on the market, if you have a car with emergency starter power, then you do not have to worry about the above problems

Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor Lokithor JA300

Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor Lokithor JA300 Product

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The JA300 Lokithor is a starter kit that provides 1500 amps to jump from 7 liters of gasoline, 12V diesel vehicles for cars, ships, lawnmowers, etc. In addition, this very low standby power is 0.21 mAh allowing for an ultra-length standby time. Up to 24 months. Small power package but strong makes you ready on the road. It's small enough to fit in your glove box, a toolbox, or a chair pocket. Despite its small size, this cellular package is capable of turning up to 20 cars without refilling,
Internal rechargeable battery provides an initial power of up to 1100 amp, replacing the need to connect to another car with a traditional jumper cable

300 lumens LED

Lokithor JA300 LED flashlight with a strong ultra-wide corner and 300 lumens to fight the darkest night. With 3 lighting modes. SOS / Stroboscopic / Constant Light, very useful in emergencies and outdoor adventures.

Portable power  with fast charging USB port 3.0 to charge USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices.

Battery Jump Starter With Air Compressor Lokithor JA300

Max 150psi air pump  The performance of the air pump exceeds other products on the market can expand 10kg tires, and can expand 4-6 normal car tires after one full content, even up to 300-400 times in the test lab. Lokithor JA300 also supports pressure Presets, automatic inflation, and stops, switching units (bars/psi). Equipped with 3 types of needle inflation, perfect for inflating car tires, scooters, bicycle tires, air mattresses, kayaks, various balls, etc.

Advanced design  Lokithor uses shock absorbent technology and the latest BMS power management system and protection technology built throughout the system, making it more durable and stable in operation and almost maintenance-free when used. With the voltmeter display function, it can display the battery value of the car so it's easy to check whether the battery is damaged.

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Jump Starter Battery Pack With Air Compressor-lokithor Ja300 - Lokithorshop

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