Are Battery Jump Starter Packs Worth It?

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Today, we rely on vehicles more than ever before. Think about it, what would you do tomorrow if you suddenly didn’t have access to your car, truck of regular vehicle? Everything would be more difficult, even just getting to work. Luckily, modern vehicles are pretty reliable, so you can usually be sure that, your vehicle will start as it should, and not let you down during the day.

But there is one thing that can let any vehicle down, and that is a flat battery. There are many reasons for a flat battery, but whatever is behind the problem you face the same challenge. Without power in the battery, the vehicle won’t start on the key. This can be a mild inconvenience or a real problem depending on where you are when it happens, but there is a solution. Keeping a jump starter pack in your vehicle means you always have the power you need in an emergency. That can make all the difference in a difficult situation.

To understand if a jump starter is worth it, we must look at what causes flat batteries, and how a jump starter pack works to help you with the problem.

Why does your battery go flat?

When a vehicle is working as it should, the battery is constantly being charged by the alternator, which also powers the vehicle once the engine is running. The battery is mainly to power the starter motor and computers while the vehicle is not being used. However, problems with the alternator can lead to the battery being drained in powering vehicle systems even with the engine running, ultimately leading to a flat battery.

Driving on the road

Other issues can be older batteries that fail to charge properly. Batteries has a shelf life and can only go through a charge cycle so many times. Eventually the battery fails to hold charge and leaves you with a flat battery. Temperature can also be a factor too, with lower temperatures in winter causing failures for batteries that were already in poor condition.

All of these situations can leave you with a flat battery, needing a jump starter pack to get you going. However, alternator problems will leave the vehicle largely unusable, as it will keep draining the battery to run. In the other cases, one you have used the jump starter to get the engine started, it will run fine until you switch it off again.

Using a jump starter pack

The thing about a flat battery, is that it always seems to happen at the worst possible moment. You’re in a hurry, you’re at the side of an empty road at night, and its raining, you name it, that is when it seems to happen. But even if you find a flat battery when your vehicle is on your drive at home, you need to know the best way to use a jump starter to get it going again. In fact, it really should be part of driver training, like changing a tire and knowing to keep emergency items in the vehicle at all times.

The good news is that it is easy to do, and with products like the Lokithor JA301 you have everything you need in one package. With your jump starter fully charged and switched off, open the bonnet or battery compartment on the vehicle to gain access to the battery. Make sure the ignition is turned off. Connect the red lead from your jump starter to the red battery terminal. Then repeat that with the black lead to the black terminal. Some mechanics prefer to connect the black lead to the body of the car rather than the battery itself. Either gets good results but sticking with the battery connections is the simplest approach.

Then, simply start the vehicle, and once it is running, turn off the jump starter and remove the cables from the battery. By keeping a jump starter with you in the vehicle, as along as you charge it regularly to make sure it is ready to go, you will never have to worry about being stranded by a flat battery again.

Getting the most from a jump starter

With a jump starter giving you peace of mind when on any journey, we can see that it really is worth it to have one just for that. However, a good jump starter gives you so much more. They often include emergency lights too, which can be useful in so many situations, a bright, long-lasting light can help with tire changing and other problems on a journey.

Lokithor JA301 car jump starter with car starter battery clamped

But by buying sensibly, you can benefit even more. Today, the best jump starter packs also include a tire inflator feature, giving you all the tools you n3eed in one small, easily to use package. They can often be used to power tech as well, giving power to your cell phone to make that emergency call in case of problems.

When you add all these things together, a jump starter pack is not just worth it, but an essential tool for any vehicle. You do need to make sure that it is charged regularly though, so its ready when you need it. Check the charge level every month and charge it at least every 6 months. You may have to charge more frequently in winter where temperatures fall. But looked after in that way, a jump starter that sits in your vehicle can be the difference between an expensive tow service and driving home yourself. It will pay for itself in one go if you do get a flat battery.

The right jump starter

When buying a jump starter, you need to look for a good capacity, 2000 Amp maximum is a great range for even larger gas or diesel engines. Then think about additional features. A tire inflator can seem like a gimmick until you need one. Having it built into the powerpack, along with a light and so on, means you can have all those emergency tools without taking up extra space.

Whichever you choose, a good jump starter pack will give you peace of mind and save you a fortune in tow fees if you ever find yourself stranded at the side of the road with a flat battery.

Worth it? Definitely!

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