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How To Maintain An Electric Car

How To Maintain An Electric Car - Lokithorshop

To advocate energy saving and environmental protection, the automobile industry has started to work on power settings continuously, and new energy vehicles, as a template for energy saving and emission reduction, have been highly praised since their introduction; they have become a trustworthy choice for the general public nowadays as they cater to the development trend of the times and protect the environment, while also relieving the pressure of oil consumption. But new energy cars are different from ordinary fuel cars, so how should new energy cars be maintained? Let Lokithor introduce to you How To Maintain An Electric Car:

How To Maintain An Electric Car

1、Chassis protection

As the chassis is closest to the road, it will inevitably be cut in the usual driving. To ensure that the functional equipment of the chassis can be used normally, it should be checked promptly to see whether its various transmission parts are running normally, whether the suspension parts are loose or falling, and whether the chassis is rusty.


Whether it is a new energy car or an ordinary car, tires are indispensable, for its maintenance is even more so, the owner must often test the tire pressure value, to ensure that it is in the normal level range; because too low tire pressure will increase the burden of the car, so that the car power consumption is too large, over time the tires will also wear serious, repair and replacement is not convenient; and the pressure is too high, then it may occur a tire explosion. If the car is driving in the process of this condition, the risk factor will increase, their life safety is not guaranteed. So usually we should pay more attention to the use of car tires, there are problems in time to deal with.

How To Maintain An Electric Car

 3、Appearance maintenance

There is no need to run the beauty store often to clean the car, you can use the volcanic mud to remove the car surface dirt easily, and pay attention not to let the water into the charging hole to avoid a short circuit; also often check whether the body has scratches, the paint surface is normal, and test the lights and other functional equipment, to see whether it has a bad reaction.

Normally, if the car is scratched, and the problem is not big, you can solve it yourself, and once the lights have a problem, we must repair it in time, do not keep dragging, wait until the time of use and then remedy is too late; insiders say: these points you must know!


Unlike traditional fuel cars, new energy vehicles are powered by batteries, even hybrid new energy vehicles, it also depends on the battery to play a role, the role of the battery is very big, just like the protection of the engine, new energy vehicles to maintain a good battery. And the car owner has to do is also very simple, insiders said, do not make the battery in a state of deficit for a long time, timely to ensure that the battery power is sufficient to prevent damage to the motor caused by insufficient voltage; know that the price of replacing the battery today is not expensive, to ensure that the battery is durable enough power, do not over-consume and do not overcharge, use and care within a reasonable range.

How To Maintain An Electric Car

With the promotion of new energy, it is also constantly progressing in its power configuration upgrade, from hybrid dual-power, pure electric, fuel cells, to the current hydrogen power, gas, it is also fruitful in energy saving and emission reduction, the major brands of cars are now focusing on the implementation of new energy vehicles, energy-saving and environmental protection to do the real thing, continuous innovation, and development, and continue to follow the trend of the times. Of course, the gold content of new energy is also good, naturally in its maintenance to put more thought into it, and strive for comprehensive protection, extend the life of the car, improve the quality of the car; the above four points are the best maintenance methods, you can use in due course.

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