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Car emergency starting power supply, also call car battery power booster jump starter, is a multi-functional instrument for emergency car jump-starting, and integrates a portable power supply for your phones, laptops, tablet computers, and other digital products. It can bring to our lives, especially to the majority of car owners.

So do you know what protective functions should be provided in the design of the car's emergency starting power supply as an electronic product? Let's show and introduce in detail its patented safety protection design of LOKITHOR JA301 jump starter:

  1. Short circuit protection function

Equipped with output short-circuit safety protection design. After connecting the car's emergency power supply, if the positive and negative metal parts of the car battery clip are clamped together, the power battery clip will intelligently buzz to indicate an operation error. But it will not cause a short circuit or sparks, and there is no need to replace the fuse and restart the machine.

  1. Overcharge protection function

When not in use, we also need to charge the car's emergency starting power supply. When the power supply is fully charged and the circuit is not cut off, the power supply will automatically activate the overcharge protection function and no longer charge. Play the role of protecting the battery and prolonging the use of the product.

  1. Voltage stabilization protection function

For example, if the user does not notice for a while, connect the 12V interface of the car's emergency start power supply to a device that needs 24V power supply (such as a truck battery), the power supply will be intelligently identified, the line will not be turned on, and the power supply will be stopped to avoid occurrences. Overvoltage phenomenon.

  1. Constant current protection function

In the process of supplying power to the equipment, when the power supply current is abnormally large and exceeds the peak current of the power supply, the power supply will also activate the overcurrent protection device and automatically cut off the power to avoid danger.

  1. Anti-reverse protection function

When using the car's emergency starting power supply to start the car, when the car is successfully ignited and the engine is started, the power supply will automatically cut off the connection with the car battery, stop the power supply, and also eliminate the problem of reverse charging of the car battery.

  1. Temperature protection function

Especially in the current high temperature in summer, some car owners will put the car's emergency starting power supply in the car. When the car is exposed to the sun, the temperature inside the car is very high, and the power supply will activate the temperature protection, which can withstand a high temperature of up to 80; And in cold weather, it can withstand temperatures as low as -30.

  1. No spark safety function

Operation non-sparking safety protection design, during the use of the power supply, no matter if it is connected wrongly or short-circuited, no sparks will be generated, ensuring its safe use.


LOKITHOR best ultrasafe lithium jump starter, with its product quality, affordable price, and patented safety protection design, brings consumers safe and practical products, which are well received by the majority of car owners. Having such a car emergency starting power supply is equivalent to having a safety guarantee!

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