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Car Battery Charger Jump Starter Lokithor JA300

Car Battery Charger Jump Starter Lokithor JA300 - Lokithorshop

Because of the spread of COVID-19, many countries have announced the implementation of movement control orders, and during this period, people can not drive out of the house, but if you do not regularly "warm-up" the car, it is likely to face the problem of a completely dead car battery, but not all garages are open during this period, what should we do?

Let us share with you how to properly Jump Start your car today! When the car has lost power to the point that it can not start the engine, it is natural to need to charge the battery, and the use of car ignition can be said to be the most convenient method.

Car Battery Charger Jump Starter

So, how exactly does a car ignition work? Some people who have never used a jump starter before, may not know much about the usage of car ignition. So, how to use lokithor car ignition? Today we will tell you how to use the car ignition.

1, first open the hood, the ignition positive (red wire) connected to the positive terminal of the battery, the negative (black wire) connected to the negative terminal of the battery

2, after the layout of the line, place the ignition, the ignition is best placed on dry wooden appliances, leave the body. Do not have flammable materials around to avoid causing a fire.

Car Battery Charger Jump Starter Ja300

3. Start the car, remove the clips connecting the battery, cover the hood of the car, and drive the car, taking care not to short-circuit the car's ignition positive and negative pole collision as much as possible. Know that after the engine starts, it will drive the engine through the belt, and the electricity sent out will be rectified and regulated to charge the car battery directly. It only takes one to two hours of normal driving to restore the normal battery power.

Car Battery Charger Jump Starter Lokithor

So, how much does a battery igniter cost approximately?

Car battery ignition according to the size of the output current to determine the price, high power electric capacity of high prices, low power electric capacity of low prices, generally between $ 100-200.

A seemingly less important small thing, it can be very useful. But because of the cost, car dealers may not equip you with good performance car ignition equipment, here I introduce you to the lokithor brand ignition JA300: This is a very good ignition device.

This is a very good ignition, it is small and portable technology, can provide 1500 amps of current for quick start from 7 liters of gasoline, 4.5 liters of diesel for 12-volt vehicles, suitable for cars, boats, lawnmowers, etc.. In addition, the ultra-low standby power consumption of 0.21mAh allows for up to 24 months of standby time.

It also has an air pump function and its air pump performance is far better than similar products in the market, supporting automatic inflation and stopping with preset pressure and unit switching (BAR/PSI). Equipped with 3 kinds of inflation needles, it is perfect for inflating car tires, scooters, bicycle tires, air mattresses, kayaks, various balls, etc.

The above is the introduction of the car ignition, hope there can help you, thank you for reading.

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