How to Use the Air Inflator and LED Light Function of LOKITHOR JA302

How to Use the Air Inflator and Led Light Function of Lokithor JA302 - Lokithorshop

LOKITHOR JA302 with 4 in 1 Multi-Function: Powerful Jump Starter +Air compressor + Power Bank + LED Flashlight. It can help you in any case, especially for adventure, outdoor, daily, emergency, travel, etc.

It's not just a car battery booster, and tire pump but also a portable power bank to charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices, and LED flashlight.

Supports fast charging USB 3.0, output: 5V / 3A and 9V / 2A, input: 5V / 3A and 9V / 2A. In addition, the 300-lumen LED flashlight is integrated with a strong ultra-wide-angle and 3 light modes to combat the darkest of the night. It can last around 17-18 hours at one full charge, designed with over a 1000 hours life cycle. But also with the voltmeter display function to display the battery value of the car, to check whether the battery is damaged.

How to use the air inflator function of LOKITHOR JA302?

1. The inflatable hose is connected to the output port of the air inflator, and then tighten the nut, and the other end is connected to the car tire;

2. To wake the product (short press the "Light" button or short press the "Switch" button) to enter the air inflator mode;

3. Short press the "BAR/PSP" button to switch the pressure unit of tire pressure: BAR, PSI;

How To Use The Air Inflator Function Of Lokithor JA302
4. To set the target tire pressure value, you must first know the tire pressure requirements of the tire. (For the standard tire pressure value of the tire, you can check the pressure value mark on the tire, or check the manual of the inflated product), set the target tire pressure value by pressing "+. After setting, the value will flash for 3 seconds, exit the setting state and enter the real-time monitoring state of tire pressure.

(Safety reminder: If the target tire pressure value of the tire is not set, directly turn on the air pump. At this time, the air pump will not automatically charge and stop, it needs to be turned off manually if the tire pressure is not monitored in realtime, there will be the risk of excessive tire pressure or puncture.)

5. Long Press the "PUMP" button for 3 seconds to turn on the air inflator. When the tire pressure reaches the set value, the air inflator will be turned off automatically. To turn off the inflator manually: press the "PUMP" button or the "Switch" button;

6. Remove the inflatable hose.

(Safety reminder: During the inflation process, the heat generated by the air inflator will cause a local high temperature. Please leave the product for 10 minutes to dissipate heat before removing the inflation tube to prevent scalds)

How to Use LED Light Function of LOKITHOR JA302?

① Long press the "Light" button for one second, the LED lights up.

② Short press the "Light" button to switch the modes of ON, Strobe, SOS, and OFF.

③ Long press the "Light" button for two seconds to turn off the LED Light forcefully.

How to use the 5V USB-A port to charge your mobile phone

How to use the 5V USB-A port to charge your mobile phone
1. You will need the following: USB To USB-C cable and a mobile phone (if the mobile phone supports 9V2A of QC protocol, it can support 9V2A fast charge);

2. When the "USB" icon on the screen light up, plug the USB plug/A Port to the jump starter and the C port into your mobile device.

How to charge your jump starter JA302?

1. You will need the following: a USB power adapter(5V output USB power adapter or 9V2A USB power adapter if QC protocol supported) and a USB To Type-C cable.

2. Plug the USB plug/A Port into the power adapter and the C port into the jump starter* s charging port. At this point, the battery indicator and the "In" icon on the screen will turn on, indicating that the product is charging.

3. In the case of running out of power or low power, please charge the product in time to prevent battery under-voltage. Long-term no power status of the battery may cause the product to fail to charge.

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