LOKITHOR 4-in-1 Jump Starter with Air Compressor

LOKITHOR 4-in-1 Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Established in 2020, LOKITHOR is a relatively emerging brand but has already impressed with its specialization in designing and manufacturing high-performance jump starters. The brand also offers a diverse variety of related products along with accessories. The aim of LOKITHOR is all about combining functionality with convenience so you can find the right solution for your automotive emergencies.

LOKITHOR relies on high-quality cells that can provide the required power when you need it the most. Every product offered by LOKITHOR has gone through rigorous quality assurance and performance evaluation and the latest battery car starter with tyre inflator is no exception.

4-in-1 Jump Starter - LOKITHOR JA301

This innovative product combines two functionalities in a single package - the ability to jump-start your car as well as deal with a flat tire. LOKITHOR JA301 is a multi-purpose product that acts as an ideal emergency backup. Whether you have a dead battery or a flat tire, you will always have a robust solution at hand. The jump car battery and air inflator can be used for a wide range of vehicles including cars, SUVs, MPVs, 4WDs, motorboats, motorcycles, and more.

Apart from premium quality design and construction, LOKITHOR JA301 best jump starter for car battery and tire inflator offer you the peace of mind that you need, especially when going on a long trip. There are a number of standout features, offered by this 4-in-1 product, that separate it from the competing products.

1. Powerful Jump Starter for All Types of Vehicles

Packing a capacity of close to 20,000 mAh with the ability to deliver 2,000 A of peak current, LOKITHOR best jump starter with air compressor ensures that you never have to deal with a dead battery ever again. The jump starter can start any 12V engine including up to 6-L diesel and 8-L gasoline engines. From a sedan and a powerful 4WD SUV to motorboats and bikes, this jump starter has enough power to kick start your vehicle.

2. Built-In Air Inflator for Convenience

You never know when you are going to face the issue of a flat tire. It is especially a challenge when traveling long distances as it might be difficult for you to get assistance in the middle of nowhere. That's why all smart car owners always have some sort of backup option in case their vehicle gets a flat tire. This ensures that you can continue to travel and don't have to face frustration and the potential risk of getting stuck. LOKITHOR jump starter comes with a built-in air inflator for exactly that purpose.

The air inflator is capable of providing an output of 150 PSI and offers preset tire pressure to inflate which stops automatically when the air in the tire reaches an adequate level. Whether you are on a small bicycle or a car, the inflator has the ability to get the job done. Apart from that, you can also use it to inflate balls, inflatable pools, and air mattresses. Versatility is built into the JA301 jump starter and tire inflator.

Lokithor JA301 pumping the tires with whole process

3. Built-In LED Light

When your vehicle gives you a problem and it's dark, you need some sort of a light source to fix the issue. While smartphones do have torches, often they are not powerful enough and you would also want to conserve the battery of your phone in such circumstances. In those tough times, you can trust the LOKITHOR JA301 car jump starter to help you show around with a powerful built-in LED light that's located right in front of the gadget.

With a simple switch, you can turn on the LED lights featuring 300 Lumens of intensity. Whether you are dealing with a flat tire or looking to jump-start your car, the light will be more than enough to help you out in the dark.

4. Your Own Portable Power Bank

When you are going to travel for a while, you and your loved ones want to ensure the batteries of their gadgets remain charged so they can fully enjoy their long journey. Running out of juice right in the middle of your journey can be frustrating and can also lead to more issues. For instance, if you want to make a call in case of an emergency, you don't want to have a dead phone. Once again, the LOKITHOR JA301 jump starter power bank provides you with a solution as it becomes your own portable power bank.

If you don't have a dedicated power bank or have left it behind, you can always use the LOKITHOR jump starter 12v and tire inflator for charging all types of devices including smartphones and tablets. The device has a USB-A port rated for 5V/3A and 9V/2A. It also supports quick charging.

Protection System and Ergonomic Grip

While the LOKITHOR JA301 jump starter and tire inflator is a lightweight gadget, the product designers have ensured that it is easy to carry around with an ergonomic grip. The soft-touch handle on top of the jump starter provides a firm grip and allows you to lug the device around with ease without any fatigue. The grip has been especially designed to improve the portability of the jump starter.

Moreover, the LOKITHOR car jump starter has built-in protection to ensure your safety when you are using the device. The system is robust enough to provide the full range of protections.

Final Word

If you find yourself traveling long distances and don't want to end up in a situation where a dead car battery or a flat tire can become a huge problem, you need to get a car jump starter as well as a tire inflator. Fortunately, LOKITHOR JA301 provides both features in a single product. It is not just a powerful jump starter that will help you kick start your car battery but it is also a versatile tire inflator that will enable you to get rid of a flat tire whenever you need it.

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