Why your car won't start? What can we do?

Why your car won't start? What can we do? - Lokithorshop

For the car to drive for a long time, just like people on the age more or less will appear some problems, ignition difficulties, engine shake, etc.

When using the car What is the reason for this? What can be done about it? What are the causes of ignition difficulties?

  1. Spark plug aging

One of the most likely parts to wear out over time is the spark plug. General spark plug aging to the vehicle power down, fuel consumption rise and start the situation is not smooth. So if this happens, consider replacing the spark plug.

  1. The battery is dead

battery no power battery loss is the most common reason for ignition difficulties, general battery life in 2-3 years. If the ignition, always do not appear when the point, can consider replacing the battery.

  1. The oil pipe is blocked

Oil pipe blockage is often a problem of old cars, must be timely cleaning and oil replacement.

The following are several possible causes of ignition difficulties and solutions.

  1. The ignition difficulty caused by automobile carbon deposition can be solved by cleaning the throttle, cleaning the inlet carbon deposition and cleaning the fuel injection nozzle.
  2. Spark plug ignition energy is weak, change the spark plug!
  3. Fuel road low pressure is insufficient, ignition is not the car is low pressure oil road in the establishment of oil pressure, the second time can catch fire.
  4. Battery is dead, just need to find a car or other battery can build.(Lokithor JA301 jump starter is recommened here, Lokithor JA301 has jump starter, air pump, lighting, charging functions)
  5. Exhaust pipe blockage, generally rarely happen, unless chance or mischief, but this situation is easier to investigate, take a look.
  6. If the mixture is too thick or too thin, spray it to the throttle and the car will be easy to drive.
  7. The engine timing is not right, but some types of engine replacement generator belt, may cause jump teeth, resulting in the car.

Finally, when a car can not be start, to judge the fault type of the car, if because the battery is dead, you can contact to the nearest garage near the door to take electricity or prepare an jump starter ahead of time, help the vehicle starts, if it's the fault of the other, you will need to contact the 4 s shop or insurance company, contact trailer will repair vehicles to repair.

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