How Do I Start My Car if the Battery is Dead?

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The car is parked for a long time, perhaps get off to forget to turn off the lamp, result the next day be anxious to go out to handle affairs when oneself, but love the car just did not hit on fire. The most likely reason is that the battery is dead, so the car won't catch fire. What should we do? What causes battery loss? How can we judge? Today I'm going to talk to you about that. What should I do if the battery doesn't catch fire?

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1. Cart Power Start Method (Manual Stop Only)

This method I believe you have seen, only manual stop oh, is to find a lot of people together to push, and then start the car up. After the cart reaches a certain speed, people will hang the lever into gear, and then quickly release the clutch pedal and refueling. Once the engine is started, quickly press down the clutch pedal while controlling the throttle to keep the engine running, and then slowly pull over.

The other way is to get a car to tow your car and start it up. It works the same way.

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2. Wiring Bypass Starting Method

This method first requires finding another car with nearby batteries and a battery cable. Let the two cars close to each other, open the boot cover to find the battery of the other car, and then use the connection line to connect the battery of the two cars, specifically refer to the following steps, not too good or don't do it yourself, find special or professional agencies oh.

Positive to positive, negative to negative, make no mistake

The larger direction, remember, is positive to positive, negative to negative, so you have two batteries in parallel. Do not make this wrong, wrong is to make two batteries short circuit, instantaneous current is too large, may burn out the battery, may also burn out the electronic parts of the car.

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Sequence of power connection

  1. A clamp head of the red line is connected with the positive pole of the non-trolley battery, and the other clamp head is connected with the positive pole of the trolley battery, red to the positive pole, and the positive pole to the positive pole.
  2. Connect one end of the black wire to the negative terminal of the non-trolley battery or to the metal iron of the body (iron is recommended), and connect the other end to the negative terminal of the trolley.
  3. When all the cables are connected, start the electric car and keep it running, and then start the dead car.

According to the first pull out the negative, then pull out the positive, first power and then no power order

  1. After the tram starts successfully, we pull the lines out in sequence. First unplug the black clip that is connected to the electric tram, first remove the negative electrode, and then remove the black clip on the original dead car.
  2. First pull out the red positive clip on the tram, and then pull out the red clip on the original tram without.

First pull out the negative pole and then pull out the positive pole, first pull out the electric car, and then pull out the original no power car, strictly in accordance with the sequence of these steps, do not order the reverse is no problem. In addition, it needs to be explained that any metal parts of the car body are communicated with the negative electrode of the battery, which can be regarded as the body is the negative electrode, but to find the metal parts with good electricity.

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