How to Start a Motorcycle With a Jump Starter?

How to jump start a motorcycle - Lokithorshop
Have you ever experienced a situation where a motorcycle cannot be started after being parked for too long? How should we solve it? There are three ways to help you.

Push-start a motorcycle

Understanding how to push-start a motorcycle is a great skill to have, but this method should be used only if the previous jump-starting options aren’t possible. So if needed, here’s how to do it:

Find a clear stretch of road or, ideally, a hill for the added momentum.

Put your bike into second gear (first gear can at times come on too strong, causing the bike to jerk forward).

Start pushing the bike, while running alongside, until you get up to at least 5 mph.

Hop on the bike once you’re up to speed and immediately drop the clutch and push the starter.

When your engine starts running, pull in the clutch and apply some gas.

Continue riding your motorcycle for 15 to 30 minutes to recharge the battery.

Push-start a motorcycle

Jump-start a motorcycle using another motorcycle

Jump-starting your dead bike with another motorcycle is very similar to jump-starting a car. Make sure you have jumper cables, then do the following:

1. Make Sure Both Bikes Are Off and in Neutral

2. Find the Battery Terminals

3. Connect the Jumper Cables

4. Start the Working Bike

5. Try to Start Your Bike

6. Disconnect the Jumper Cables

Connect the Jumper Cables

jump-start a motorcycle using a motorcycle battery jump starter

1. Start With Both Your Motorcycle and the Jump Starter Off

2. Connect the Attached Cables

3. Turn the Jump Starter on

4. Try Starting Your Motorcycle

5. Disconnect the Jumper Cables

6. Recharge the Jump Starter

jump starter with motorcycle

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