What is the Function of Air Compressor?

What is the Function of Air Compressor?

While car owners typically prioritize the maintenance of the vehicle's body, engine, and chassis, the crucial role of tires is often overlooked. Tires are essential components that bear the weight of the entire vehicle and enable safe and efficient transportation. Therefore, it is imperative for car owners to pay close attention to tire maintenance as part of their daily vehicle upkeep. This includes using an air inflator, among other necessary car accessories, to ensure that the tires are properly inflated and in top condition.

Therefore, the daily maintenance of tires cannot be ignored. Whether the tire pressure is normal or not directly affects driving safety. As for the car pump, you may think that it is "dispensable", which is only used by drivers. Actually, in addition to being used in car maintenance, on-board air pumps have many magical uses in daily life. Let's take a look at the specific functions of the tire air pump.

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For the Safety Guarantee

    The tires are equivalent to the feet of a car and carry the weight of the entire body. If it is not well maintained, a little carelessness will affect driving safety and may cause accidents such as tire punctures. The emergence of vehicle-mounted air pumps has played a vital role in the normal use of tires.

    Vehicle-mounted air pump is also called tire inflator, air compressor, and air pump, and it works through the operation of an internal motor. Tire pressure is a very important indicator, but the tire pressure is affected by factors such as ambient temperature, speed, radial load, etc., and is prone to change. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the tire pressure value on a regular basis. The daily use of the tire pump can keep the tire pressure at a normal value. Insufficient tire pressure or high tire pressure are all abnormal tire pressures, which can easily cause tire bursts, which will affect ride comfort and fuel consumption.

    Regular tire pressure measurement can effectively reduce the occurrence of tire blowouts. Equipped with an Air Inflator that can detect tire pressure can perform its maximum function. The built-in tire pressure gauge can help you detect tire pressure at any time. It can be supplemented in time when the tire pressure is insufficient, and it can be properly vented when the tire pressure is too high. Pressure to ensure driving safety and escort you.

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    For the Tire maintenance

      Proper maintenance of the tires can effectively maintain the tires of your car and reduce abnormal tire wear. Most importantly, it can reduce driving risks and make you and me drive safer.

      If the tire continues to be used under the condition of insufficient air pressure, it is easy to cause the tire's contact area with the ground to increase, and the temperature inside the tire increases abnormally during driving. The patterns on both sides of the face are severely worn.

      If the tire pressure is too high, the rigidity of the tire will increase, which will easily reduce the contact area between the tire and the ground, and the pressure and wear per unit area will increase sharply. This will cause wear in the center of the tire crown, which will affect comfort and reduce tire life. Tests have proved that if the air pressure is increased by 25%, the tire life will be shortened by about 30%.

      In addition to regularly paying attention to the degree of wear on the tire surface and whether there are scratches, bulges, etc., the daily maintenance of tires is also a key factor to maintain normal tire pressure. The on-board air pump equipped with the car is one of the simple, convenient and effective maintenance measures.

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      For the Entertainment and leisure

      Don't think that the tire pump can only be used to inflate tires. In fact, you will find that many places in life can come in handy. A small vehicle-mounted air pump can be used for multiple purposes, and can be easily used for inflating various sports products, such as basketball, football, volleyball and other sports balls. It can also be used for air beds, motorboats, inflatable toys and other entertainment facilities. Inflate and deflate, fast and simple, and enjoy a high-quality life easier.

      The tire air inflator with pressure detect function

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