Why Did the Car Battery Damaged in Less Than Two Years?

Why did the car battery damaged in less than two years

Today's car batteries are maintenance-free, and do not need to do any maintenance on them, but the life span is very different. Some cars have to replace the battery in two years, and some cars are still in use after seven or eight years. The average life of a car battery is 3-5 years. Why do some car batteries damaged in less than two years?

The short battery life is usually related to the power-lack, and the power-lack is related to the habit of using the car. There are three usage habits that will shorten the battery's life.parking

1. The car is rarely driven, often parked for a long time, or the car is driven every day, but only travels a short distance. Both of these conditions can cause the battery to remain in a state of dissatisfaction. Long-term power-lack will cause the battery plate to vulcanize, causing irreversible damage, and the capacity will become smaller, which will eventually shorten the life.Listen to music in the car

2. Continue to use electricity after parking. listen to the radio, charge the mobile phone, etc. Short-term use of electricity after parking will not affect the battery, or the battery is almost exhausted but can still be started, and then continue to use the car to fully charge the battery, but it has no effect. How does it matter? Electricity has been used until it fails to start, which is the most influential. If the battery is not new and the power-lack for a long time, the battery may be damaged at one time, making it impossible to charge. Even if it is a new battery, power-lack two or three times will cause the battery to be scrapped and need to be replaced with a new battery.Modified car

3. Many electronic devices have been installed, such as GPS locator, driving recorder, navigation and so on. Every electrical equipment has a discharge current. If the installed equipment has leakage, the discharge current will be greater, which is also a kind of damage to the battery. Some cars will not start after one week, and some cars will start after one month. This is related to the discharge current of electrical equipment, and of course it has a little relationship with the battery capacity. If there are more electronic equipment in the car, the discharge current will be larger. Those that can jump start after a month's exposure are generally those that use less electrical equipment in the car. The electronic equipment of the original car generally does not have a short circuit, and the discharge current of a single device will not be too large. However, many of the installed equipment has excessive discharge current, or has a short circuit of its own, and it will not jump start after two or three days. Therefore, if the vehicle is left for a short time and cannot jump start, check the discharge current and focus on whether there is a problem with the installed equipment.lokithor JA301 jump start

The battery capacity is greatly affected by the temperature. In winter, the temperature is low, and the battery capacity will also become lower. It is often the case that the battery cannot be started when the battery is empty, and it is more troublesome to replace the battery. What are the countermeasures? LOKITHOR JA401 portable tire inflator and jump starter is a good solution. The four functions of jump start, air pump, charging and lighting are integrated, which is convenient to carry with the car.

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