Why Does the Fuel Consumption Increase After the Car's Mileage Increases?

Fuel Up, Why does the fuel consumption increase after the car has been used for many years

Many people have this experience. When the car gets old, the fuel consumption increases, especially for cars with more mileage. The fuel consumption will increase more obviously. Some people think that it is normal for old cars to consume a little more fuel, so they don't do inspections and maintenance. In fact, this is incorrect. If the car has no obvious malfunctions, such as weak acceleration, oil burning, abnormal noise, etc.

Only if the fuel consumption increases, there must be a problem with the car, but it can be repaired through maintenance. The biggest cost of using a car is fuel money. Increasing fuel consumption will increase a lot of car costs. Therefore, even if the fuel consumption of an old car increases, it should be repaired in time. It should be checked and repaired one by one from the following 4 aspects.

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1. Clean carbon deposits

The problem of carbon accumulation in old cars is the most influential. Almost every car has carbon accumulation, unless it is regularly cleaned up from the beginning of a new car. Carbon deposits either cause poor air intake or poor gasoline atomization. In short, gasoline cannot be completely burned. If you want to obtain the same energy, you must consume more gasoline and increase fuel consumption. It is very important to clean the carbon deposits in old cars. The carbon deposits on the top of the piston, throttle, intake duct, and fuel injectors should be carefully cleaned up. If there is a lot of carbon deposits, it is best to disassemble and wash. After cleaning, be sure to run at a high speed, which is more critical. Because many of the soot particles that have been cleaned are not completely discharged, and some are about to fall off but have not yet fallen off, they need to be flushed by a large air flow to be cleaned, otherwise when the carbon deposits become hard, they will stick to the original place. The cleaning effect That's not good.

carbon deposits

2. Replace the spark plug

If the car is not abnormal, the spark plug will not attract our attention, even if its performance is reduced. Gasoline is ignited by a spark plug in the cylinder, and the ignition time is very important. Too early or too late can not bring out the maximum efficiency of gasoline. If the ignition ability of the spark plug is reduced, it will cause the ignition to be too late. Originally, the piston should be ignited when it reaches the top dead center, but because the ignition energy is low, it will not ignite, and it will ignite after the top dead center. Lose a lot of energy. Therefore, the spark plug is also one of the key points to be checked.

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3. Routine maintenance is not done on time

Most people can maintain a new car on time. After the car is old, the maintenance is considered less important. When the maintenance period is reached, it is always delayed and does not replace the auto parts. Dirty oil, air filter, and gasoline filter can affect fuel consumption. Dirty engine oil will increase the resistance of the engine, which not only affects fuel consumption, but also increases wear and tear. The air filter element is dirty, and the air intake resistance becomes larger, and the air intake is not smooth, resulting in incomplete combustion. A dirty gasoline filter will cause the oil pressure to drop, and insufficient fuel injection pressure will also lead to incomplete combustion. Therefore, basic maintenance is also very important. Both new and old cars should be done on time.


4. The performance of some sensors is degraded

Such as oxygen sensors and water temperature sensors. If the signals of these two sensors are inaccurate, it will also affect fuel consumption. The oxygen sensor can provide an important fuel correction signal, and the computer adjusts the air-fuel ratio to the best state according to the signal. If the signal is not accurate, the air-fuel ratio will not reach the optimal state, which will result in incomplete combustion. If the water temperature signal provided by the water temperature sensor is too low, the computer will inject more fuel and enrich the mixture to make the car reach the normal water temperature, which will increase the fuel consumption. These two sensors need to use a computer to detect the data stream to determine whether they are damaged, so professional technicians are required to detect them.

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