Why is LED Light Important for a Jump Starter?

Why LED light is important to a jump starter?

Almost all JUMP STARTER on the market have the function of LED light, and it can be said that these two functions are a necessary combination. So why is it so important? This article will tell you that the necessity of LED lights on the car emergency starter, the specific usage, and the brightness of the lights are also a point that cannot be ignored.

When Should I Use the Jump Starter's LED Lights?

When You Need to Jump Start a Car

LED light will be used in most jump start situations, maybe in garages, basements, or at night, in environments and times with low visibility.

When you open the hood, you also need to have enough light to check the position of the car battery, and the position of the positive and negative battery clips, so that the alligator clips are not linked to the wrong place.

Lokithor JA301 Jump Start a Car with 300 Lumen LED light

This can improve user experience and reduce operational risk. Unless you're willing to turn on the "flashlight" of your phone, hold the phone in your mouth, and free your hands to operate the small car battery jump starter, that's fine. So, whether or not you are using the dead battery jump starter in low visibility environments, LED lights are a must, and you need it to be smaller, lighter, and easier to carry, so you can do more nimble operations.

For Outdoor Recreational Activities

During the traveling, the professional car jump starter with LED light is also like a tool to use. Lighting is an indispensable part of outdoor activities, and is generally divided into ambient lights and lighting lamps.

We can find many different shapes and portable ones and there are even products that can change the color through APP and have the function of breathing light, such as this product from Philips, which is the shape of light bar, you can use it on your house or outdoor, placed around the tent to locate the location, and also bring some romantic feeling.

Philips LED light bar charge color with APP

The main consideration for lamps used for lighting is the battery life, portability, and brightness of the product. The brightness is measured in lumens. For example, LOKITHOR JA series and J series products have 300 to 500 lumens of LED lights, and has a wide illumination width and a capacity of 74Wh, which can meet long-term lighting.

300 lumens led flashlight function description of Lokithor JA301, 160° wide-angle and over 1000 life cycles

For Emergency Situations

In an emergency, if you need rescue, it is very important to have a most powerful battery jump starter with SOS mode. Most of the igniters now have SOS mode, and even light effects of different colors (such as red), but it is still necessary to consider whether his lumen is sufficient. The higher the lumen, the easier it is for the rescue team to find you.

Metrics for Jump Starter Lights

How to measure the performance of Jump Starter LED lights? Very simple, first is brightness, second is function.

Brightness: Lumen

What is “Lumen”? Lumen is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time.

If you are a household emergency light, 100 lumens is enough, but this can only be used as a portable emergency device to illuminate the scene of the sole of the foot.

Generally, when we go outdoor camping, the main lighting equipment you should choose the equipment with 500~1000 lumens, but if you don’t like large areas of light and only consider the lighting near the tent, then I would recommend choosing the lighting equipment with 300~500 lumens.

Function: How many modes are there?

Functionality is not the primary consideration, because most heavy duty car battery jump starters on the market currently have SOS and Flash mode. Just choose the right product according to your needs.

3 Modes of Lokithor JA301 Jump Starter

Other Important Things About Jump Starter Lights

There are many igniter displays that use LCD or LED displays as an operation panel or a function of displaying current and power. The brightness here cannot be ignored, because when the igniter is used during the day, the ambient brightness is often too high, so some igniters will be unclear during use, affecting the user experience, so it is necessary to choose a panel Brighter, or a non-LCD igniter is better.


From this article, we can learn that LED lights are an indispensable function of lithium starter battery 12v, whether it is in the portable battery jump pack car or in outdoor activities, it can be used, and it has such a high-lumen LED The igniter of the lamp can definitely give you more peace of mind during the driving journey.

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