5 Essential Tools Every Driver Should Own

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Whether you're fixing an old car or you have a brand new model, if something breaks, you'll have the confidence and know-how to fix it with the right car tools. The following 5 basic products I recommend that every car owner must have, whether you drive to travel or go to work frequently.

1. Car Jump Starter

A vehicle jump starter charger is the first tool because the situation of breaking down is believed to be encountered by everyone, especially for old cars. If you encounter such a situation, the car charger pack can solve this problem very well and easily, saving you from calling a tow truck time and cost.

I believe that many of my friends have also encountered the situation that the car is out of power. At this time, if you can't find a second car to help you with the electricity, the general result is to call for rescue. Calling for help and waiting for help takes a lot of time. It would be nice to have an emergency starter power supply in the car. A car starter power supply is a kind of car battery. When the power is exhausted or insufficient, the "car starter power supply" can assist the battery to start the vehicle. It can also be used for quick charging. It is an indispensable accessory for the car.

Now there are various kinds of car jump starter with tire inflator products, with a single start function, and some with a two-in-one function of an air pump. I personally recommend buying a multi-functional product, which can save space and cost.

For example,
LOKITHOR jump starter JA401 is a good product, 4 in 1 product:This is not only a car battery booster, Tire Pumper, but also a portable power bank, LED flashlight to charge smart phones, tablets and other USB devices. Supports fast charging USB 3.0, Output: 5V/3A and 9V/ 2A, Input: 5V/3A and 9V/ 2A In addition, the integrated 300-lumen LED flashlight has 3 lighting modes, constant light, flash and SOS.

2. Basic Power Toolkit

Power tools

For non-professional mechanics, to maintain and repair a vehicle. None of that means that you can't, Having these Power tools mean that you will not be stranded on the road in case someone wants to help you perform basic checks.

Every car comes with a tool kit, which generally contains some commonly used tools, including wrenches, screwdrivers, rim keys, etc. Car owners should remember to put them back in their original places after each use, and they should also be cleaned and maintained regularly.

3. Tyre Pressure Gauge

For the cars we purchased, some cars have their own Tyre Pressure Gauge, and some cars only have tire pressure alarms. The tires need to be checked frequently. If there is no tire pressure monitoring, we need to install a tire pressure monitoring table. Always observe the tire pressure of the car.

Tires need to be checked frequently, especially when running at high speed. If the tire pressure deviates too much from the value required by the manufacturer, it is very dangerous. Although some cars already have tire pressure monitoring devices, it is better to have one more. Insurance, after all, it will be more intuitive to test in person, and the price is not expensive anyway.


4. Car Dehumidifier

Car Dehumidifier

There is too much moisture in the car, which can easily cause the car floor mats, car seat cushions, etc. to be damp. Improper handling can even cause the car interior to become moldy and smelly!

Using a car dehumidifier can achieve the effect of dehumidification and avoid the growth of bacteria, which is more beneficial to the body, and its price is not high, and it does not need to spend too much time on maintenance in the later stage.

The car dehumidifier can prevent long-term moisture damage to sensitive valuables, a good accessory for any small closed place.

Before running the dehumidifier, close the doors and windows of the car to prevent damp outside air from entering the car and affecting the dehumidification effect.


5. Car Rope or Chain

Car Rope or Chain

The tow rope is the most direct tool that can be rescued on the spot. No matter what kind of environment or what kind of model, you should prepare a set in the trunk. The tow rope should choose eye-catching colors, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, etc. At the same time, it is important to note that the faulty car is best driven by an experienced driver, so that it can better respond to emergencies.

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