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7 Simple Spring Car Care Tips - Lokithor - Lokithorshop

The car and the human body, like the long winter, also need to do a good job of car maintenance in time to maintain the car in the best condition, such as water tank, paint Tires, brakes, chassis, wipers, engine compartment, etc., all need to change season maintenance, then, spring car maintenance should focus on which parts? The following LOKITHOR is to introduce you to the 7 simple spring car maintenance tips.

7 Simple Spring Car Care Tips

1. Water Tank

Spring temperatures are gradually rising, some owners find that the water tank coolant is insufficient, trying to use water to supplement. After the temperature has risen, antifreeze is no longer the theme, but clear water is easy to generate water alkali, water rust, and low boiling point, very easy to cause "open pot", so you can not arbitrarily replace the coolant with clear water.

2. Car Paint

In spring, there is a lot of rain, the acid in the rain will damage the car paint, so we should pay special attention to protect the car paint.

In seasonal maintenance, it is best to give the vehicle a painted beauty, the simplest is waxing, more permanent and effective is to carry out glaze beauty. Regardless of the method, the car wears an invisible protective coat to prevent the paint from fading and aging.

7 Simple Spring Car Care Tips-Lokithor

3. Tire Brake

In winter, because of the cold weather, the rubber of the tires is stiff and worn out. In spring, be sure to carefully check the adhesion of the tires to the ground. In addition, check the brake fluid, brake management, and each brake sub-pump for leaks to ensure that the car braking system is safe and effective.

4. Chassis

It is recommended that you thoroughly check the chassis, wash it once with a cleaner to remove oil and dirt, and then do rust prevention care. Next is to check the bolts, the inspection process must be careful, small omissions are likely to cause unnecessary trouble.

5. Wipers

Spring rain gradually increased, if the wipers can not brush off the rain, will bring hidden danger to driving safety, so it is necessary to maintain the wipers. If you feel that the wipers are not clean or shaking, please go to a professional institution for an overhaul in time.

7 Simple Spring Car Care Tips - Lokithor

6. Engine Compartment

The engine compartment is the most important part of the car, like the "bedroom", regular cleaning of the engine compartment can ensure the "health" of the engine. The main cleaning items are dust and oil: for dust, it is recommended to use a high-pressure air gun to clean; for oil, you can use a flannel and brush for simple cleaning. (It is recommended to go to professional institutions for cleaning)

7. Indoor Disinfection

The rising temperature in spring, coupled with the humid air, is the prime season for the generation of various germs. Pay special attention to the interior of the car anti-bacteria work, especially for the car seat, air vents, these hygiene corners should do a good job of cleaning, to keep the car environment dry and clean.

LOKITHOR warmly reminds you: with the growth of use time, the performance of the vehicle will slowly decay, only within the specified time to do a good job of car maintenance, so that the performance of your car has been in good condition.

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