What Are the Symptoms of a Battery Cable Coming Loose?

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A loose battery cable is a major cause for concern during a journey. The car bumps and repairs in the inadvertent collision will make the car battery cable loose, it is easy leading to the car it cannot starting normally, symptoms of bad batteries are no different from the symptoms caused by loose battery cables. Common problems in cars, but they can also occur in other types of vehicles. LOKITHOR Jump Starter will discuss some of the loose battery connection symptoms and how you diagnose a loose battery cable. 

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What Are the Symptoms of a Battery Cable Coming Loose?

When a battery cable comes loose, it can affect the way energy is transmitted, which in turn affects how long it takes for the engine to start up. This problem often leads to a lot of frustration and even expensive repairs when batteries need replacement. To avoid these problems, always check on your cables and watch out for symptoms of loose battery cables.

The primary symptoms of loose battery cables are the complete failure to start and visible signs of power loss during driving. The first symptom is shared with the battery and the car jump starter while the second can be caused by a faulty alternator. A loose battery cable can cause excessive resistance to build up which can cause issues with the electrical system in your car. You can have issues with your battery not charging all the way, problems starting your car, and dim headlights.

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1. The headlights dim abnormally, even if it's not dark outside.

Another symptom of loose battery cables is when your headlights seem to dim, even if it's not dark outside. When the positive cable becomes loose, this will cause an interruption in the power supply, resulting in weaker electricity passing through your system. This problem usually occurs during day time but may also happen at night, depending on how frequently you drive your car.

2. Resistance builds up on the battery cable's surface.

When the negative cable is loose, resistance builds upon its surface. Your negative battery cable is the ground wire for your car. If it has a loose connection, you are more likely to have an overheating problem stemming from this wiring section because there will be resistance in-between when trying to contact anything metal.

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3. The engine cranks, but the car won't start.

One common symptom of loose battery terminals is when your engine will crank. However, it fails to start up. This occurs as a result of a reduced power supply from your battery because its starter cable becomes loose. This problem is a huge inconvenience, especially when you need to leave for work or school in the morning but your car fails to start up.

4. Low voltage symptom on the car battery.

Another indicator of loose battery cables is when your car battery has a lower voltage. This symptom becomes apparent when you try to crank the engine but only succeed in turning it over slowly. The reason for this occurrence lies with the cable's inability to transfer enough power, which results in less energy being passed onto your starter motor and, thus, slow cranking speed.

Symptoms Of Loose Battery Cables

How Do You Diagnose a Loose Battery Cable?

To diagnose a loose positive or negative battery cable you would want to open the hood or trunk (wherever the battery in your car is located) to be able to inspect the battery terminals. Both the positive and negative battery cables should be connected securely to their respective battery terminal.

The simplest approach to tell whether your battery cable is loose is to inspect the connections on both battery terminals. Be sure there is no play in any of the connections or that you can wiggle them. If you discover that any of your battery cable connections are loose, you should tighten them right away. Do not hit the cylinder with a tool during the disassembly. Otherwise, the active substance inside the battery may fall off and damage the car battery.

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Can loose battery terminals drain the battery?

The cables complete the electric circuit, so they don’t leak power or kill the battery. However, the battery won’t be charged properly as you drive, and it will get drained until empty. Not having a consistent power supply can mess with a vehicle’s electronics, especially with modern vehicles, so if possible, avoid complete battery drain.

Can a loose battery cable prevent the car from starting?

Yes it can, but it is not the only cause. A failed alternator or a battery is much more likely. Once properly secured, battery cables do not come loose and maintain the connection for a long time. However, troubleshooting should always start with a cause that has the easiest and cheapest solution, so if your car has starting issues, battery connections should be the first thing to check.

Which battery terminal do I connect to first?

Positive, then negative (red, then black). When disconnecting the battery from the system: negative first, positive second (black first, then red).

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Can a loose battery terminal cause a car to die?

This is a layered question and comes down to whether the vehicle will run with loose battery cables, and whether there’s a potential of damaging the electrical components. I cannot recommend driving with loose battery cables, especially considering how easy and inexpensive of a problem it is to fix. At most, drive the vehicle to a mechanic or the closest parts store and get the cables swapped as soon as possible.

Why do my battery terminals keep corroding?

Battery corrosion is a chemical reaction between hydrogen gas, air, and metal surfaces. It’s a common occurrence that is easy to fix, as explained in this guide. You might want to consider maintenance-free batteries that are advertised as corrosion-free.

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