Jump Starter Battery Pack With Air Compressor-lokithor Ja300

Jump Starter Battery Pack With Air Compressor-lokithor Ja300 - Lokithorshop

Nowadays, more and more people are driving, driving for a long time, the car will inevitably have some problems, some are more serious, some are subtle small problems, so we usually drive or pay more attention, more check the car itself, timely handling of the problem.

The following problem we have to say is that we usually drive the most common a problem, but also always encounter, even if they did not encounter on the road will always see, is the battery loss car can not fire how to do? I'll teach you a few ways, the future may be useful.

Car stalled
The first method: when we buy a car, generally send hitching wire, it is recommended that we put it in the trunk for emergencies,.if our car is in the community or underground garage, we can ask a car owner to help, so you can easily hitching start 4s store is also for the sake of customers, can be said to be very humane.

The second method: is the cart method. This method is the most familiar emergency method, first of all, the key screwed to the ignition position, depress the clutch, release the handbrake, gear in the first or second gear, hold down the clutch, start pushing, when the speed to 5 km / h, slowly release the clutch and step on the gas, the car started up. This method is only applicable for manual gearbox models, definitely not for automatic cars, in addition to the best not to use as a last resort, this approach to the car's engine and clutch have certain damage.

The third method: If you do not have a firewire or help cart, you can prepare a car jump starter. You may hear the name that it is much the same as our cell phone rechargeable battery it is not so, its current is very high, there is 10,000 mA so much, it has a special line to connect the car currently, so you can assist the current to work. And the price of the car ignition is not very expensive, generally, about two hundred hundred dollars can be bought, so we can have one in the car, just in case.

Car Charging
When you buy one, you must choose a high-profile, guaranteed, so that the safety will also be higher, because it is, after all, current equipment, if the quality is inferior, not only can not guarantee the safety but also cause harm to the car.
Here, to introduce a strength brand lokithor, take JA300 products, it provides 1500A current, a charge can start up to 7 liters of gasoline, 4.5 liters of diesel 12-volt engine, suitable for cars, boats, lawnmowers, etc. In addition, the ultra-low standby power consumption of 0.21mAh allows for a standby time of up to 24 months.

At the same time, lokithor JA300 also has an air pump function, which can provide an inflation function for balls. The performance of the air pump is far superior to similar products on the market, up to 10kg tires can be inflated, a full charge can be inflated 4-6 ordinary car tires, laboratory tests can even go up to 300-400 cycles. lokithor JA300 also supports the default pressure automatic inflation and stop, unit switching (BAR/PSI). Equipped with 3 types of inflation needles, it is very suitable for inflating car tires, scooters, bicycle tires, air mattresses, kayaks, various balls, etc.

Lokithor JA300 adopts vibration reduction technology and the latest BMS power management system and protection technology built into the whole system, making it work more durable and stable, and almost maintenance-free. With a voltmeter display function, it can show the value of the car battery, to check whether the battery is damaged or not. It is a very reliable emergency product for car battery loss and failure to fire.

jump starter battery pack with air compressor JA series

There are many reasons for car battery power loss, such as insufficient generator power generation, body leakage, and the car being privately modified, but it may also be caused by the long use of the car battery, if used for more than three years, the reason for the power loss may be the battery itself has a problem, you are advised to replace the battery promptly.

The car battery is an important part of the car, if the maintenance is in place, the use of reasonable and timely charging battery life can be maintained for a long time, if the maintenance and use of less than reasonable, charging is not timely, then the battery life will cause shortened, in daily use, I hope you also often pay attention to their car battery situation.

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