Lokithor Car Jump Starter JA301 - Best Emergency Car Kit in 2023

Lokithor Car Jump Starter JA301 - Best Emergency Car Kit in 2023 - Lokithorshop

If your car is long and you haven't changed the battery, then you probably need an emergency power supply. Ensure that you can charge the car and drive it away if you can't fire it up. It can be applied to these situations as follows.
1. Winter temperatures are too low or travel to places with lower temperatures and the car has been stored unused for a long time.
2. The car is old, the battery has not been replaced, the battery is old.
3. Stop-and-go frequency is high, often start the car (battery charge is not enough depletion).
4. Driving to a sparsely populated area, far from the city and possibly without assistance.

What is Lokithor Car Jump Starter JA301
Lokithor Car Jump Starter is in the car battery power shortage, connected to the vehicle battery, do emergency fire use, the appearance and charging treasure similar, small size, Light weight and easy to carry, waterproof and dustproof, 20000mah electric capacity.

In addition to acting as a Jump Starter, lokithor also has three other features.
1. Act as a rechargeable battery, 20000 mah of electrical capacity, able to charge your multimedia products, electronic watches fully charged about 32 times, Bluetooth headphones fully charged about 24 times, cameras fully charged about 2 times, cell phones fully charged about 3 times, tablets fully charged about 1 time;
2. Act as a flashlight, long time high power light, is your good helper in the low visibility environment;
3. Act as an air booster, follow the operating instructions, set the tire pressure can start pumping, automatic pumping at the same time it will continue to monitor the tire pressure, stop pumping after reaching the specified tire pressure, easy to use.

Finally, thank you for reading, the above is the introduction of Lokithor Car Jump Starter, having said that, I believe that many friends for the car emergency start power knowledge should have a certain understanding, in fact, whether it is a new car or an old car, we should always have an emergency start power for emergency purposes.

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