Lokithor J401 New Release Tops Jump Starter Best Sellers List

Lokithor J401 New Release Tops Jump Starter Best Sellers List - Lokithorshop

LIVERMORE, Calif., Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The sales on U.S. E-commerce platforms are very competitive. Lokithor's J401 emergency Jump Starter rushed to No. 1 in Best Sellers and Hot New Releases within 15 minutes of its launch on October 22. The Best Sellers list and the Hot New Release list is competitive ranking system for sales.  Lokithor's new product has achieved excellent results in a highly competitive market.

Lokithor New Release Ranked Top 1 Best Seller in the U.S.

Jump Starter products have always been one of the most popular products in the auto parts category in the U.S. market. During the winter season, the demand for jump starters has increased dramatically. With fierce competitors in the auto part category, many companies have aggressively rushed the launch of new products. Founded in 2020, Lokithor is a young thriving brand that has won the Top 1 of Best Seller and Hot New Releases in the U.S. with its outstanding sales performance. Its products have accumulated more than 1000 positive reviews for Lokithor.

Why Lokithor J401

High Cranking Amps

Designer P.L. made some changes in product design from Lokithor's original model. Compared with the "JA" series products launched last year, a Higher Voltage Solution was introduced to increase the jump start performance, the more stable the starting, the more reliable. At the same time, 100W two-way Fast Charging Technology was added which can be fully charged in 45 minutes. Also, it just needs to be charged for 3 minutes to start a car if the battery is out of power.


In terms of safety, the product has the characteristics of reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, low voltage protection, waterproof level IP65, etc.. With all of these features on the J401 it is more reliable to use.

Special Custom Clips

Customized clamps come with the alligator clips, which are more suitable for motorcycles and other car batteries that don't have a lot of spaces for the connection the clamps. The inner clip is made of pure copper material for the whole clip, which is more durable and has better conductivity.

The angle reaches 50°, which is suitable for the different sizes of terminals. Compared with the traditional Jump Starter clips, it has a better grip, is more labor-saving, and is also stable.

Elite Battery Used

The product was designed with GREPOW high-capacity lithium-ion polymer battery pack. The latest low self-discharge rate cells were used for it and it can be stored for TWO years while still being able to start the car.

The battery pack was assembled by industrial-grade cells and has a more stable high discharge rate performance. The Cranking Amps can go up to 2500A and can support 8.5 liters of  gas engines and 6.5-liter diesel engine models. Whether you have cars, motorcycles, boats, R.V.s, ATVs, SUVs, vans, tractors, lawnmowers, etc., they are all covered.

Global strategy

At present, Lokithor has set up a North American global marketing center and warehouse in California, USA, and a European marketing service center and warehouse in Germany providing a sales network all over the world. Lokithor's products have been sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including North America, Europe, and Australia

Lokithor has also continued to participate in trade shows related to automobiles. Such as CES, European Franchise Exhibition, French EQUIP AUTO, and other exhibitions to conduct in-depth exchanges with customers. Lokithor will also be attending the world's largest auto exhibition in SEMA Show 2022, in early November. Highlighting new products as well, such as energy storage products, portable air compressors, and portable car washing machines that will be released.

About Lokithor

Lokithor specializes in the design and production of high-performance automotive jump starters and related products, providing a full range of innovative products and solutions to make travel not only more convenient but also more efficient and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to provide simple, trouble-free solutions to automotive emergencies and strive to provide innovative products that enhance the driving experience.

For further information, please visit:

Lokithor: https://www.lokithorshop.com/

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