Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300

Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300 - Lokithorshop

Car Jump Starter is a multifunctional portable mobile power developed for car lovers and business people traveling by car. The particular function is to jump-start the car when the car loses power or other reasons cannot start the car. At the same time the inflatable pump and emergency power, outdoor lighting and other functions are combined, is one of the important products for outdoor travel.

It is important to choose a good car emergency jump starter power,Editor's Choice - JA300,Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator,Every Driver Should Have this completely necessary and useful accessory in Their Emergency Kit.

Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300

【4 In 1 Multi-Function】Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300

JA300 Has a durable design and compact in size,Lokithor adopts vibration damping technology and built-in latest BMS power management system and protection technology in whole system make it more durable and stable in work, almost maintenance-free for use. With voltmeter display function to display the value of the car battery, so as to check if the battery is damaged. Size: 254*142*103mm (10*5.59*4.06 Inch),Net Weight: 1.75kg

1500A Lithium Jump Starter with 150psi air compressor- Lokithor JA300, Lokithor JA300 is one of the best all in one must have in vehicle tool. It has Jump Starter, Air Pump, USB charger and very bright Light / flash light.This is a great tool for you on the way or at stand-by at home for emergency conditions.

Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300

It's not just a car battery booster, tire pump but also a portable power bank, LED flashlight to charge smart phones, tablets, and other USB devices. Supports fast charging USB 3.0, Output: 5V/3A and 9V/ 2A, Input: 5V/3A and 9V/ 2A. In addition, the integrated 300-lumen LED flashlight with a powerful ultra-wide angle and 3 light modes: SOS/stroboscopic/constant light to combat the darkest of nights.

This can last around 17-18 hours with one full cost, designed with more than 1000 hours of life cycle. But also with the voltmeter display function to display the battery value of the car, so as to check whether the battery is damaged.

Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300
How to use Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300

1,Normal start,Connect the jump starter clamps with the EC8 connector to the jump starter.

2,Connect the red (+) clamp to the positive (+) terminal on the vehicle battery and the black (-) clamp to the negative (-) terminal on the vehicle battery, and make sure that the connections are good.

3, Press the "Lighfor "Power" button to power on the product. The green light on the screen will light up and flash if there are no issues. At this time, you'll be able to start your vehicle.

Portable Car Jump Starter With Inflator JA300

4, If the vehicle starts successfully, the jump starter will automatically disable the power output.

5, in most cases, the vehicle will be able to start immediately after the jump starter is connected. Some vehicles may need to be connected to the Jumpstarter for 30-120 seconds (the product will charge the current car battery) to continue the operation. If the vehicle does not start immediately. Please wait 20-30 seconds before every effort. Don't try more than five times in 15 minutes.

Please remove the clamp start from the car battery instantly after you finish starting. Press the "Power" button for 2 seconds to turn off the starter Jump. If there is no operation for 60 seconds

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