Affiliate Help

1. Affiliates Register

The partners can register and join through the affiliates invitation link, and then the Lokithor team officially conduct qualification review and account activation, and email to notify the partners whether they have passed the cooperation review.

2. Commission Percentage


7% general commission, which can be used for the promotion of any products in stock on the website.


7% of specific commissions, for specific products, specific to the products displayed on the background of the alliance.


How product commission will be calculated?

The commission is based on the total order price,  


If customer place a cost $100 of order, affiliate commission would be: $100 x 7% = $7.

And our average order value is around the $150.

3. Commission Withdrawal Conditions


The 3-month Warranty Time is consistent with the order post-sale time of the website. During this period, if the customer does not return the goods, the commission payment system will be triggered normally.


Affiliate commission withdrawal needs to meet over $100 and 30 days to pay, and 15% of the commissions of the affiliate customers are not paid, as a deposit, to deduct the commission amount for refunds or cancellations of customers during the guarantee period (3 months), and it will be automatically postponed every month. The overall 15% commission is not paid; When your amount reaches the performance standard, you can contact us via to apply.


When the affiliates terminate the cooperation, the website will settle and pay the remaining 15% of the commission deposit within 30 working days.

4. Commission Payment Method

We recommend payment method is PayPal.

5. Contact Us

Customers who have questions about alliance cooperation can contact us by email at any time, we will answer them, and hope to better improve and service.