Can You Jump Start a Car in the Rain?

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"Wise men don't try to jump start their car in the rain." Has anyone ever said this to you? If they have, don't believe in them.

The decades-old myth around not jump starting a vehicle in the rain has been around for way too long. And it's finally time to address the elephant in the room and make things clear! 

So, can you jump start a car in the rain? And more importantly, should you jump start your car in the rain? Let's talk about this and much more in the guide below! 

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Is it safe to jump start a vehicle in the rain?

Most people grow up learning, driving, and maintaining their vehicle through generational knowledge and myths being passed down from people. If that is the case with you, don't believe a thing they tell you! 

According to automobile experts, specialists, and mechanics, jump starting a vehicle in the rain is perfectly safe if you do it properly. No, your vehicle is not going to electrocute you, nor will the battery or engine drown in the rainwater. Those are just myths! 

However, there is definitely an origin to these false claims. The real danger with jump starting a car in heavy rain is that you might hurt yourself or damage the vehicle in the process. 

The floor can be slippery, your vision can be impaired, and many other things are beyond normal in harsh weather. Hence, it is dangerous for you and your vehicle because you might end up hurting yourself indirectly.

Using a jump starter for this process is a more straightforward solution to this modern-day problem. Plus, most of these devices come with safety measures and protective mechanisms now, thanks to advanced technology. 

Jump starting with a portable jump starter in the rain 

If you have never heard about a portable jump starter before, this is going to be interesting for you! Using this fascinating device is as easy as opening a pickle jar! It only involves four easy steps:

Step One: You must retrieve your jump starter but make sure that it has some charging in it. 

Step Two: Now, take the cables and connect them to the battery terminals. 

Step Three: Try to start your car. 

Step Four: Take the cables off the battery terminals, and you are ready to hit the road! 

Remember: When buying a portable jump starter, you will come across advertisements mentioning that it is waterproof. Now, as fascinating as it may seem, you don't really need this feature. As long as you are keeping the device away from direct rainwater, it doesn't matter if it is waterproof or not. So, there's no need to spend more money on a feature that is not that useful to you.

Another feature that I definitely recommend is an air compressor. There are many good jump starters with air compressor on the market right now. And by having one of these bad boys, you are killing two birds with just one stone! A safe choice to back up your car’s engine as well as its tires on the road.

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Jump starting with another car in the rain 

This one is another way to jump start your car in harsh weather. And just like the last method we discussed, this one is pretty simple too!

  • 5 Steps 

In just five easy steps, you can jump start your car with another vehicle while it is raining cats and dogs outside: 

Step One: Check and inspect the jumper cables. You must make sure that these cables are in good shape and aren't damaged in any way. 

Step Two: Take the red cable and attach it to the positive terminals of both car's batteries. 

Step Three: Now, take the black cable and attach it to the operational vehicle's bare metal and negative terminal. Make sure you don't connect it to the vehicle that needs to be jump started! 

Step Four: Start the functioning vehicle and let it run for a few minutes. 

Step Five: Try to start the nonfunctional vehicle. If it runs, disconnect all the cables but leave the engine on. Then, leave the car running for several minutes and recharge its battery.

  • A few things to keep in mind 

While this method is almost always successful and very simple to follow, there are some things you need to remember: 

If the car still doesn't start, recheck the cables and ensure they are all properly connected. Leave the engine on for about five minutes, and then try starting the vehicle again. If it doesn't start even after all this effort, the battery needs professional help or replacement. 

Moreover, make sure that the order of connecting cables is correct. Remember: the black cable is negative, and the red cable is positive. And you are always supposed to connect the black one after the red one. Furthermore, you must never use the black wire to connect the vehicles' negative terminals. 

Make sure that cables are not crossed or tangled with each other. And lastly, ensure that the batteries are not sitting directly under the rain. Instead, protect them and keep them away from direct contact with water. 

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What about jump starting during thunderstorms?

Rain is a different situation from a thunderstorm, which is incredibly harsh weather. So, most people wonder if the scenario makes any difference in the context of jump starting your vehicle. Well, the short answer is no; it does not make a difference. You can jump start your car regardless of how bad the thunderstorm is. So, the odds are in your favor! 

However, that doesn't mean it's okay to go out in a thunderstorm and experiment with your vehicle. On the contrary, it is best to stop your car if you can, seek shelter, and keep yourself and your vehicle safe. It is especially true if you are in the countryside or on an empty path. Slippery roads, impaired vision, and unclear environments do not make a good combination! 


Lastly, if you are looking for a good recommendation, here is one: LOKITHOR JA401 Jump Starter. It is portable, practical, and works great, even in heavy rain. In addition, it comes with an extremely useful flashlight that is strong and lights up your path during a rainy night. Also, the product includes an inflator. This feature can be a lifesaver in case you have tire problems on the road. All in all, it's a fantastic product that jump starts your car, keeps you safe, and comes in handy during tough situations! 

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