Introducing The Lokithor JA301 Multi-Purpose Jump Starter

Introducing The Lokithor JA301 Multi-Purpose Jump Starter banner


The Lokithor Company, a multi-national company who designs, manufactures and sells jump starters and related products, now offers the JA301 multi-purpose jump starter for jump starter, air inflater, battery charger and LED light needs.

Lokithor JA301 Jump starter with air inflator

The origin of brand name

Lokithor origins from 2 characters: Thor, the Lord of Thunder and Loki, Thor’s brother, who is also a super-hero. And thunder is a natural phenomenon of electric discharge, releasing strong and powerful electric energy. As its name implies, Lokithor could be the thunder in everyone’s hand, bringing super strong energy for you when you are in need.

Functions of JA301

Air Inflator

The second function of JA301 is to pump the wheels of your car, truck, tractor or bike, and you could also inflate your mattress, football, basketball and everything that needs to be inflated. JA301 can fill up air pressure from 10 psi to 150 psi. The special part is its accuracy, for example, when you preset 33psi for your wheel, its inflation value error is no more than 2psi, which differs from traditional 2-in-1 jump starter on the market.  

Lokithor JA301 jump starter with 150PSI air inflator poster

LED Light

JA301 is a powerful LED flashlight of 300 Lumen and ultra-wide angle, too. When you go camping or night-fishing, JA301 is always providing you the light bright enough without any blind angle. With 20000mAh capacity and quick charge 3.0 technology, you could charge your smart-phone, tablet, camera or headset.

Lokithor JA301 jump starter with 300 Lumen LED light

The Brilliant design

The handle adopts an ergonomic design, and with larger contacting area with the palm, users with big hands are able to hold it cozily. Its 1.77kg light weight, lighter than lead-battery jump starters, ensures that it can be a good assistant for you to carry at every time and everywhere.

Intelligent Protection

JA301 can detect the voltage of your car battery in real time and alarm for abnormal conditions. Built in latest BMS power management system, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, reverse connection protection, over-heat protection, and over-time protection, JA301 is sure of making the ultimate protection for your safety.

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      Stephen McGrath

      I want to see the 302 model but can,t . Please let me know how to access this info? Thanks steve

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