Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Have A Portable Jump Starter In Your Car

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Have A Portable Jump Starter In Your Car banner

For a lot of families, the holiday season means a lot of travel. While some people fly, others will be cooped up in a vehicle for hours on end. The only thing that can make these long drives even worse is car troubles.

These troubles can unfortunately happen in any weather and at any time, and can be hard to predict. To prevent these issues from arising, you should consider picking up a portable car jump starter.

Be independent - boost your own battery in seconds

The number one advantage of portable jump starters is that you'll never need to rely on others to help jump-start your car, truck, boat or motorcycle. Whether you have jumper cables or a roadside assistance membership, they both require the help of someone else.

Relying on others is never a good thing, especially when you are stuck on the road and desperate for help. During the winter, car batteries are especially prone to dying so roadside assistance services are incredibly busy and it can take up to 6 hours before you get back on the road.

With a portable jump starter, you are completely independent. The jump starter will boost your battery on its own without the help of anyone. Not only can you get yourself back on the road easily within seconds, being able to power your own car is especially convenient when no one is around or available to help.

Charge other devices with USB ports

Many of today’s jump starters also work like portable power banks, with USB ports for charging devices like smartphones. Few yet offer the latest USB-C connection, but USB-A is commonplace, with mini USB used to charge the starter back up again.

Some, admittedly much larger, jump starters even have plug sockets for powering devices you’d normally attach to a wall outlet. That way, you could use the jump starter to power outdoor products like jet washers and vacuums to give your car a clean. These larger starters need charging via a wall outlet instead of a USB cable.

Equipped with a powerful LED flashlight

Most portable jump starters come with strong LED flashlights. Although primarily designed to help you jump-start your vehicle in the dark, the flashlight can be used for any situation requiring more light.

Whether you need to inspect your car or engine at night, need help finding something in the car or house or want to bring it camping, the LED flashlight feature is a great extra tool to have.

Benefit from a portable air inflator

Did you know that some portable jump starters come with portable air inflators? Yes, they do! These mini air compressors plug right into the jump starter and can inflate your tire in around 5 minutes. You can also use the air pumps to inflate sports balls, inflatable mattresses, stuff for your pool and more.

With both a jump starter and portable air pumps, you're practically ready to start your own roadside assistance service!

Portable and easy to use

Unlike battery chargers, jump starters are often remarkably small and portable, often not much larger than some of today’s bigger power banks. Some models will easily fit into a glove box, yet offer all the power you need to start your car.

They are also very easy to use. All you need to do is attach the red positive clamp of the jump starter to the positive terminal of your car battery, then connect the black negative clamp to a bit of solid, clean and ideally unpainted metal on the car. Now just turn on the jump starter, then start your car in the normal way.

Now leave the car running for a few minutes to add some power back into its dead battery, then turn off the jump starter, remove its clamps, turn off the car, and you’re done.

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