3 Easy Tips to Start a Dead Car

the car on side of road. 3 Easy Tricks To Start a Dead Car

Have you ever run into a situation where your car battery runs out and you can't start. This blog post will describe three easy trick to get your car successful start.

dead car

1.Boost start

Situation: There are people nearby (the more the better)

This is the easiest way. This method is the most familiar and effective emergency method for everyone, but it is best not to use this method as a last resort, because it will damage the engine and clutch of the car to a certain extent. Of course, this is only for manual transmission models. For most automatic models, this method cannot be used.

If you use this method to start, you must have someone assisted. It is best if you have strong strength. Observe the road conditions before the vehicle is pushed. If it is a downhill road, it will save a lot of trouble. It is easier on a flat road. If it is an uphill road, then Just turn the front of the cart downhill and push the cart, but you must pay attention to safety.

So how should the driver operate? First turn the key to the ignition position, step on the clutch, release the handbrake, the gear is in gear 1 or 2, step on the clutch and start pushing, when the vehicle speed reaches 5 km/h, slowly release the clutch and step on the accelerator , The car started.Boost start. People push car

2. Jumper Cables

Situation: There’s a car that can be started nearby

First open the front covers of the two cars, and connect the negative terminal of the charging cable to the negative terminal of your car, and the other end to the negative terminal of the other car. Also connect the positive pole of the charging cable to the positive pole of your car, and the other end to the positive pole of the other party's car. Then let the opponent's car catch fire, step on the gas pedal, and then enter your car and try to catch fire. If the battery is really losing power, then your car should start quickly. After starting, keep the starting state for 15 to 20 minutes, and let the generator self-charge. After catching fire, first remove the positive pole of the opponent's car, and then remove the wire on your car. Similarly, the negative pole should be removed from the opponent's car first, and then yours.

3. Portable emergency Jump starter

Situation: There's nothing around

The principle of the car emergency jump starter is similar to that of the mobile phone power bank. It can be turned on by charging the car when it is out of power. Small and convenient. Owners who like outdoor travel can prepare one in the car, which is convenient for turning off the car in a more urgent situation. Just clip the clip of the charger to the terminal and press the switch of the power bank(as the picture shows).jump starter start car

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